Out of the city, into the lake!

Summer is finally here and we can fully enjoy the beautiful lakes in and around Munich. Let your mind wander, enjoy the cool water and, if everything works out, end the day at sunset at the lake. Just lovely! As soon as the children hear of the planned at the lake, the bathing bag is packed quickly and off you go!

We particularly like the Wörthsee among all the lakes in the Munich area. With turquoise blue water, first-class water quality and flattering temperatures, it literally puts us in a holiday mood. In addition, the number of visitors is usually still manageable and not comparable to other lakes. So, water lovers watch out! We tell you our favorite places on Wörthsee.

Vacation feeling right around the corner!

Those who drive to the Wörthsee do not have to put up with a long drive. After 45 minutes at the latest, you are already lying or swimming at the lake. For that extra holiday feeling, we can heartily recommend the Grundlers – Gästehaus am See. There you live in chic boutique apartments that have everything ready for families. In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, you can start the day by the lake relaxed and enjoy the sundowner on the terrace in the evening, when the children are already sleeping in their cozy beds. A break in Grundlers is like the icing on the cake.

Lawn and Italian kiosk on the lake

Anyone who knows us already, knows that the right location or favorite place is half the battle for us. That is why we like Il kiosko on Wörthsee. A kiosk of a special kind, because here you can find fries and currywurst, pizza, salad or grilled calamari. The fresh ice cream tastes great. In terms of both food and drink, you can take care of yourself here if you don’t have your own things with you. In the back there is a fenced playground. A great change from swimming. But the main attraction is of course the lake. The kids love that the lake goes flat. Anyone who likes to swim should take the plunge into the water and swim out onto the lake. The panorama is wonderful and even more so, the feeling of vitality that arises!

Sea kiosk with SUP rental

Another favorite place is the Rossschwemme lake kiosk – not an insider tip and well stocked at the weekend, but still worth a visit. With delicious burgers, Dinzler coffee and ice cream we like to spend the whole day at the lake kiosk and the large lawn. The bathing place looks almost idyllic and the entrance to the lake is very flat and quiet. The children can splash around as much as they can! SUPs can be borrowed on site and made on the way to the sparkling blue water. Then at the latest, deep relaxation occurs. In the evening you sit comfortably with a cool Aperol Spritz at the lake and enjoy the wonderful view and the children play on the playground.

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Evening hours by the lake

In the evening there is no better place than Seehaus Raabe. The perfect favorite place to end the day at Wörthsee. You sit right on the lake and can particularly enjoy the evening mood. If your kids are still very small there are high chairs. There are sophisticated dishes, delicious wines combined with a relaxed atmosphere. If the children are not too tired, we like to stay until sunset. Then it goes back home, but ideally just around the corner to the Grundlers. The cosiest and most beautiful guest house on the lake.

This is the best way to spend our summer days! Do you fancy an uncomplicated and super relaxed family day at Lake Wörthsee? Lets go!

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