Practice first ski turns with children at the Hirschberg lift!

The Hirschberg lifts in Kreuth am Tegernsee are made to teach children to ski in a playful way. The practice slopes Muli 1 and Muli 2 have the perfect length for the first ski turns. If you can safely get down there, try the other lifts. The prices for a 3-hour ticket are fair (13 euros for children and 16 euros for adults). After that, the children are usually tired.

Many parents take advantage of the Hirschberg lifts to teach their children how to ski. Those who prefer to put it in professional hands on site are in the right place at the Tegernsee ski school. You can either register your child individually for a half-day course or simply book a private teacher by the hour. The booking works online (you can find the link on the website) or in short-term cases by email or phone.

In the Hirschzwergland, children are allowed to try their first skis. With “Now pizza and then again French fries” it goes down the small slope. Of course, children know what that means. “Pizza” means braking and the skis look like a piece of pizza, and as soon as it says “french fries”, the skis are placed on the slopes parallel to each other and the mountain whizzes down. That is fun! A magic carpet belongs to the dwarf country, where the children learn to brake in the first hours.

It is very important to the teachers that the children feel comfortable. If a child would like to go back to it’s the parents, they simply call them directly to the slopes. In between, a gummy bear break is taken and the children can warm up in the small hut with a juice.

After skiing, the hut “Liftstüber” at the end of the slope is perfect for refreshments. Or, you do it like us and drive a short 10 minutes back to Rottach-Eggern to the restaurant Haubentaucher. Fine food awaits you there with a view of Lake Tegernsee and the restaurant on top is also family-friendly. Favorite place high 10!

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Bachlerweg 15a
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