Hike side by side with the fluffy alpacas through the Allgäu!

The Allgäu, many associate with idyllic farms between hills and mountain scenery. The Heslerhof in Insy is one of these typical farms. In addition to 80 cows and calves, rabbits, chickens and many more animals live on the farm also alpacas. During a common hike you can get very close to these fascinating animals.

Originally the alpacas come from Peru, but in the Allgäu on the Heslerhof they feel no less at home. Gabi, the farmer, takes care of the animals with great passion and tells you about her alpacas right at the beginning of the tour. How does alpaca wool feel and what can be made from it? Why are alpaca babies only born between 9 and 12 in the morning? And why does an alpaca actually haunt? The children listen intently. Meanwhile, the alpacas are already sniffing over the fence to find out who is about to accompany them on the alpaca hike in the Allgäu.

Because of their good-natured and calm nature, alpacas are pleasant companions on walks through nature. The older animals may be led by the children at the halter. After the first sniffing and getting to know of both sides it goes off.

All alpacas are different and have their own preferences. For example Sandro, who likes to give out kisses. Several stops to eat along the way are always part of it. Other alpacas like to take a trot. So it is never boring on the walk. The proximity to the animals, which radiate such a soothing calm, is pure deceleration for the whole family.

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The small loop of the alpaca hike runs past the edge of the forest and a small stream to the picnic area. With the mountain scenery in the background, there is a well-deserved break. Meanwhile, Gabi tells us about the energy plant silphia, which is grown on the Heslerhof and, together with manure and slurry, ends up in the farm’s own biogas plant. In total, 800 private households can be continuously supplied with electricity.

Hiking and polishing up your knowledge of agriculture along the way

Even more knowledge about agriculture, renewable energies and animals is available first-hand during the hike. Because Gabi is a true professional in her field. And that’s exactly why a visit to the Heslerhof for an alpaca hike in the Allgäu is doubly worthwhile.

After the hike, the kids will definitely want to look around further on the adventure farm. There is so much to discover! Experiencing the chickens, cows, calves and rabbits up close is a lot of fun. Then, if you get to watch Gabi put her bunnies to sleep, you’ll go home with a blissful heart.

Around-the-corner tip: The Allgäu Genussmanufaktur is a good 10 minutes away by car. Before or after the alpaca hike, you can drop in, watch the craftsmen and have a bite to eat.

Heslerhof 1
88316 Isny / Sommersbach

Price: 110 € for the duration of 2 – 2.5 hours

Inquiries for the alpaca hike by e-mail or by phone at +49 (0) 7562 912118.

We were allowed to discover this favorite place as part of our cooperation with Allgäu GmbH. On the farm we all immediately felt welcome and were blown away by the lovely animals and Gabi’s vast knowledge.


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