Amusement park for children in the middle of the forest

Excursion for the whole family

The amusement park Märchenwald has a very special charm for families and is a great destination for families! There I collected many beautiful childhood memories years ago, so I love to show this beautiful place to my children and to see their happy faces.

The Märchenwald (meaning fairytale) forest is not a classic amusement park for children. Compared the other amusement parks it is much slower and thanks to the direct location in the forest also much quieter too. The size of the park is just enough to spend a few hours with the kids here and not having the feeling of missing something.

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At the fairytale stations, all sorts of fairytales are read and played with puppets. The rides, such as a Hedgehog Trail, the riding salon or a ride on the oldtimer highway are lots of fun for the kids and the short waiting times for the rides is very pleasant for the whole family. Other rides such as the Oachkatzlbahn (for those, not speaking Bavarian: It means the squirrel ride) or the giant swing bring some thrill for young and old.

On the playgrounds, which are designed for different age groups, the children will find many new playground equipment. For example, the children climb through a wire tunnel in the so-called magic village. It got something from Harry Potter

Spending an amazing family time

In a small hut you can share the food you brought. But if you do not have anything, you will not starve. A restaurant and a small kiosk provide food for the visitors. That sounds like a successful family day!

Kräuterstraße 39
82515 Wolfratshausen

daily: 09:00 – 18:00 h (only closed on rainy days)

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