Swimming fun away from the crowds!

Heading to Munich’s southern lakes at the weekend is usually a poker game. Traffic jams for kilometers, the eternal search for a parking space and crowded sunbathing areas are not uncommon. For this reason, we are big friends of setting off in other directions. A favorite place for this is the Steinsee in Ebersberg.

The outdoor pool right on the lake is a family oasis. The sunbathing lawn stretches down the hill to the lake and continues along the shady shore. We like to find a spot under the many trees right by the lake. It’s wonderfully relaxing by the water. It feels like a day of vacation!

For a homemade cake or an ice cream we then gladly accept the way up to the restaurant. There is also a small playground with two trampolines in the lido. The entrance fee of 7.50 euros for adults is high compared to other baths. Therefore, it is worth planning a whole day for the visit and enjoy the lush nature as a little time out at the lake.

Steinsee is considered one of the warmest lakes in Germany and can get up to 26 degrees in summer. Especially the water quality gets first-class ratings for years. It is also special that the water guard supervises the swimmers daily from the lakeshore.

Also in our swim bag is the game from Amigo Spiel + Freizeit “Rinks und Lechts”.  A family game for a big dose of fun and laughs during bathroom breaks. Like all of the brand’s games, there are short and simple instructions that are quickly understood by young and old alike. As the name suggests, the game revolves around the correct matching of right and left. Depending on which direction the policemen are facing, you have to change direction. You need to be smart so that you don’t completely lose your train of thought.

In this article we have already introduced the game “The Plumpsack goes around”. It is still the absolute hit. We also got to try out the two games “Rainbow Snake” and “Such Rascals”, which are made for kids ages 4 and up. With all of Amigo Spiel + Freizeit’s games, in addition to the fact that they encourage kids’ concentration and/or coordination, we particularly like the sturdiness of the cards and the practical pocket format. For explorers like us just right to take the games everywhere and provide for the right variety between. Because every game, lifts the mood immediately!

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Niederseeon 17
85665 Moosach

Mon – Sun: opening 11:30h

Adults: 7,50 Euro
Children from 6 years: 5 Euro