Discover unique places for your next family adventure

On the following map you will find an overview of unique activities, cafes, restaurantsand accommodations in many beautiful places we discovered with our kids. If you are looking for a specific activity, the filter will help you. Here you can sort our favorite places by the activities. Clicking on the pins will take you to the respective city or directly to the exciting post about the favorite place with all details, pictures and address.

We want to give you inspiration for city trips like to Munich or Vienna as well as holiday regions for beautiful nature experiences such as South Tyrol and excursion destinations for the weekend. For all those who are at home in one of the places we have already explored, there may still be one or two hitherto unknown tips, for example, for a enchanting toy store or a child-friendly restaurant. Have fun discovering!

Find favorite places near you

It’s worth keeping your eyes open even when you’re offline. Because it may well be that you enter one of our favorite places. Maybe you already discover one, very close to you. You can recognize a selection of our favorite places by our “the urban kids” sticker.

For example, you can find it in the shop window of Pebbles in Munich.

Or at the children’s café Ellipa in Hamburg.