Discover unique places for your next family adventure

On the following map you will find an overview of unique activities, cafes, restaurants and accommodation all over Europe. If you are looking for a specific activity, the filter will help you.

We would like to give you inspirations for city trips as well as for beautiful nature experiences. For those of you who are at home in one of the places that we have already explored, there is perhaps an unknown inside tip. Have fun discovering!

Find offline our favorite places

It’s worth keeping your eyes open when you are strolling around one of the big cities in Germany. Because it may well be that you enter one of our favorite places. It might be that one of our favorite spots is just around the corner in your hood. You will recognize them by our “the urban kids” sticker at the window. Stay curious;-)

For example, you can find it in the shop window of Pebbles in Munich.

Or at the children’s café Ellipa in Hamburg.