Great children hikes on the Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt!

Escaping the city and enjoying nature is very easy in Klagenfurt. Close to the city center you find Klagenfurt’s local mountain, Kreuzbergl. The Kreuzbergl is almost more a big hill than a mountain and is only about 500m high. But that’s the reason why it is ideal for hiking with children.

There are many entry points to Kreuzbergl. One is for example at the little church St. Martin. After a short climb on the paved road called ‘Forstweg’ you soon reach a small plateau. There you have a great view over the city Klagenfurt.

Following the road you soon enter the beautiful forest and continue hiking on leafy paths. The various hiking trails are well signposted. Additionally several jogging circuits exist. Also these trails are great for hiking with your children. We love to follow the hiking trail 34. Passing a cross-fit station in the middle fo the forest you will soon arrive at the inn ‘Waldwirt’. The mini hiking tour takes about 45-60 minuets depending on how many stop you choose with your children to collect sticks, admire flowers or throw stones into the water. “Waldwirt” is a very lovingly designed inn for children, where you can take a break before you walk on or go back.

9020 Klagenfurt

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