A bit of Hampton Style at Tegernsee!

The Aran at lage Tegernsee is simply beautiful! If you were not already in the holiday region on the Tegernsee anyway, you will get here right in the holiday mood. The best spot is to sit on the veranda with a direct view of the Tegernsee. During good weather, the white lattice windows are opened and so you are only separated by the promenade from the lake.

But with children it is more relaxing to look for a place outside on the terrace. In bad weather, it is best on one of the large sofas reserved.

The Aran is known for the outstanding spreads! There are both classic spreads such as herbal cream cheese and obatzda to creative flavor combinations such as apricot rosemary. The super crispy bread tastes delicious! The breakfast can be supplemented with croissant or yoghurt. And of course a good cup of coffee can not be missing! Just great to start the day here (or to stop by in the afternoon for a piece of cake)!

By the way, there is a possibility of changing diapers here.

Seestraße 8
83684 Tegernsee

Mo – So: 9:00 – 20:00 Uhr



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