The urban Kids is your source of inspiration for family time!

Find in no time the most beautiful places that suite kids and parents. Whether it’s on your own doorstep or for a vacation with kids, we’ll show you selected weekend excursions, playgrounds with a cool café around the corner, kid-friendly restaurants, individual children’s stores and great accommodations that welcome families with open arms.

We call these places our favorite places. Our favorite places are all different but have one thing in common. They are family-friendly places that have something for every member of the family and prove that lifestyle and kids are not mutually exclusive.

In our travel guides for families, we present you with favorite places and with numerous tips! So you have an all-around carefree package for your individual vacation with children or the next excursion right at your fingertips. Because they simply contain all the important information that modern families need to be on the road. You can save yourself the effort of long searches and enjoy more time with your family.

Family time is there to enjoy it!

the urban kids

The urban Kids, this is us!

We are Carina and José, founders of a multicultural family (Bavaria meets Mexico) and since 2017 also of the urban Kids. Traveling, discovering new things and good food are our passions and that’s where the idea for the family platform with places that kids and parents alike came from.

It was something like this: we were on a city trip to Germany with kids. Beforehand, we spent hours researching where there was a nice playground for a break, and were a nice child-friendly restaurant was hiding. In the end, we still stood in the rain with hungry children and were only one thing: annoyed! The “child-friendly restaurant” had kindly pointed out to us that the stroller, unfortunately, has to stay outside and the playgrounds were more bad than good. A situation, as you have certainly also experienced.

When we finally sat down to lunch that day, the kids had a play corner to themselves and we had time to exchange a few sentences in togetherness, it was suddenly there, the idea for the urban Kids – along with a lot of tummy tingling.

Valuable family time for kids AND parents!

The question of where to go with kids and not having to give up our lifestyle interests has accompanied us since the birth of our kids. Because we have the claim that parents can also enjoy valuable family time to the fullest and personal batteries are recharged. We don’t see ourselves in an indoor playground with the risk of tinnitus, but for example on joint excursions into nature to create a contrast to everyday family life. This is exactly what works best with our favorite places! Only places that convince us to make it onto the website in the end.

Selected contributions are made in cooperation. Our partners convince us with quality, design and their values.


The urban Kids is the travel platform for modern families. We love to inspire you with our favorite places.


..are places with the right pinch of adventure and enjoyment for families. The respectful use of resources, local cuisine and culture are equally important to us


From the accommodation with a heart, the sustainable children’s store or the family-
hike, all our favorite places are personally selected by us.


Instead of time-consuming research, you can get started right away with a look at the urban kids and enjoy your time with your kids.


We are constantly discovering new favorite places. Our local mates support us with the latest insider tips from their home country.

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