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On The Urban Kids you quickly find great places for families liked by kids and parents.

That’s why we show you selected recommendations for accommodation with style and heart, cool excursions for the holiday or the weekend, restaurants where every family member tastes it, pretty local shops and ideas for bad weather days. You can easily find our tips via the filter function on the start page or the explorer map.

What makes our favorite places unique? They are all different and yet have a lot in common. They are places and experiences full of love and charm, act in an environmentally friendly way and are so aesthetically pleasing that we often want to move in. We only recommend places that we have met in person and liked.

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Family time is there to enjoy it!

This is exactly what we want to inspire you! Get out into real life, and immerse yourself in nature, new countries and cities. Because our kids still think it’s cool to be on the road with us and right now is the time to create memories together.

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Reisen mit Kindern - auf unserer Website the urban Kids findet ihr die schönsten Reiseziele und Ausflugtipps für Familien.

The people behind The Urban Kids

We are Carina and José, founders of a family of four and since 2017 also of The Urban Kids. At the mere thought of traveling and discovering, it tingles in our fingers.

We currently live in beautiful Munich. This was not always the case, because we spent the first family years in France. There we copied the lightness of family life from the French. Back in Germany, we missed this a lot and on top, it was hard to find places where we could go and enjoy good food, culture or a nice hotel.

That’s why we created a platform ourselves to share our tips for parents who enjoy family time as much as we do.

For this, we are constantly on the road as your personal “hotspotters” and are looking for special pearls for the next family experience. Always in your luggage: our nose for beautiful places. Because we think the time with our kids is too valuable to spend in places where we don’t all feel welcome.

Our commitment to environmental protection and responsible travel

Sustainable action in all areas of life is a major concern for us. After all, we want to ensure that we leave our children and future generations a planet worth living on that they can enjoy as much as we currently do. While we have been shopping in organic food stores for years now, and while we primarily use bicycles to get around town and like to buy second-hand clothing, there is always the big question of how we can implement our sustainable actions while traveling. We have put a lot of thought into this, which you can read in this article.

Reisen mit Kindern - auf unserer Website the urban Kids findet ihr die schönsten Reiseziele und Ausflugtipps für Familien.

Some contributions on our website are created in cooperation with partners who share our values.

Are you interested in working with us, or know a favorite place that we should definitely get to know?

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