Meet the urban Kids, your source of inspiration for traveling and exploring with kids!

With us, you’ll find in no time the most beautiful places that kids and parents will love. Discover small fine hotels with style, cool excursions for vacations and weekends, restaurants every member of the family enjoys, nice local stores and ideas for bad weather days. We call all of these special places our favorite places.

Our favorite places are all different. Some are hiding in the city, many in nature, but only places that convince us, end up as recommendations on the website. To do this, we have visited every single one of them in person.

What makes our favorite places special: They are places and experiences that bring that certain something, inspire us with charm and personality, and combine the lifestyle interests of parents with the adventure hunger of the kids. In other words, parents and kids feel at home right away! We don’t tell you the blue of the sky, but share with you authentic tips, as you would tell your best friends.

Because we think that time with our kids is too precious not to enjoy it from A to Z. And that’s exactly what we want to inspire you to do! That’s exactly what we want to inspire you to do! Get out into real life and immerse yourself in nature, new countries and cities. Right now, our kids still think it’s cool to be on the road with us and right now is the time to make memories together.


Families, get out there and explore!


For that, we’re constantly on the lookout for new favorite places. Whether near or far, kids toddler or elementary school age, we’ll provide you with the best insider tips for families.

You can find them easily on our website! You can either use the search filter on the homepage or you can use our discovery map. Get inspiration for your next vacation in our travel guides. In addition to charming accommodations, you will find numerous tips in the area, such as excursions and culinary highlights. Good food is our second passion after exploring and we love to try regional dishes and specialties. You can also get restaurant tips in our city guides for families. In addition, there are cool ideas for what you can experience with your kids away from the city tour.

Family time is there to enjoy it!

Reisen mit Kindern - auf unserer Website the urban Kids findet ihr die schönsten Reiseziele und Ausflugtipps für Familien.

The urban Kids, that’s us!

We are Carina and José, founders of a multicultural family (Bavaria meets Mexico) and since 2017 also of the urban Kids. Traveling and discovering new things with our two kids is our passion.

We currently live in Munich. That wasn’t always the case, because we spent the first years of our family in France. From the French, we have copied the ease in family life and then missed it when returning to Germany quite badly that here kids do not belong everywhere as a matter of course. Instead, parents and kids should please settle for 08/15 indoor playgrounds, including the risk of tinnitus, and just don’t disturb in the restaurant. Not with us, we thought, and since then we’ve been on the lookout for great places that captured us with their good vibes.

When we’re not on tour for the urban Kids, we love to take our bikes for a spin through the English Garden or go to the Viktualienmarkt.

On social media, we take you with us on our journeys of discovery to the most beautiful places for families! Follow us for a daily dose of inspiration on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

Our commitment to environmental protection and responsible travel

Sustainable action in all areas of life is a major concern for us. After all, we want to ensure that we leave our children and future generations a planet worth living on that they can enjoy as much as we currently do. While we have been shopping exclusively in organic food stores for years now, and while we primarily use bicycles to get around town and buy second-hand clothing, there is always the big question of how we can implement our sustainable actions on vacation as well. As I’m sure you know, around eight percent of all climate-damaging emissions worldwide are caused by tourism alone.

We have put a lot of thought into this and have set concrete goals for how we will work toward sustainability and environmental protection from now on. In this article, you can read everything about the topic.

Reisen mit Kindern - auf unserer Website the urban Kids findet ihr die schönsten Reiseziele und Ausflugtipps für Familien.

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