The animal park Rosegg is a top family destination if you are in Carinthia with children!

The animal park Rosegg in Carinthia is integrated into an old castle complex and only a few minutes’ drive from Lake Wörthersee. You can observe and feed a large number of native animals like sheep, goats, donkeys and guinea pigs. Some special animal breeds like the kangaroos, llamas and the Zackelschaf with its long twisted horns cause special amazement.

The highlight is the walk up to the castle ruins, where animals run free. To discover deer, stags, ibexes and many more in their natural environment is a lot of fun for young and old. The way up leads past further enclosures. So with a bit of luck you can spot a lynx or the golden jackal (similar to the wolf). The large bird aviary with the rare wood ibis is another worth seeing stop on the way up. At the bottom of the waterhole you can discover bison. The way up is passable with the baby carriage, but a bit bumpy in some places. It is easier with the Kraxe.

There is a nice playground just behind the entrance. So the visit of the zoo can be ideally started or finished with a stop at the playground. In the adjacent buffet one finds something for the small hunger.

If the children should still have energy after the visit in the zoo Rosegg, there is a garden labyrinth directly opposite. We will explore this on our next visit.

9232 Rosegg

Mon – Sun 9:00–18:00 h
(last entry: 17:00 h)
End of season: beginning of November


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