Time in nature, for pleasure and the family – a real microadventure!

Our new favorite place for a trip to Lake Starnberg with kids is called Tagesbar Gut Kerschlach. The restaurant is full of cheerful casualness, with great breakfasts and delicious drinks for the day. On the large terrace you can make yourself comfortable in the sunshine.

The homemade dishes from the daily menu taste especially good here. While the view wanders towards the mountains, the kids only have eyes for the playground and the animals. The place is teeming with rabbits, chickens and horses. They hide in the courtyard. In front of the day bar, there is a big meadow to play. You’ll see lots of great attractions in one place in the middle of nature for the whole family to recharge. And the best part is that this secret spot is far away from mass tourism.

A visit to the Bad Kerschlach day bar is an absolute reward for the whole family. To make sure you earn it properly, you can start your excursion at the Pähl parking lot, take a detour into the Pähler Gorge, and then cover the remaining 2 kilometers via the golf course to Gut Kerschlach.

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Detour into the Pähler Gorge to the waterfall.

The detour across the gorge takes an hour. You walk past Hochpähl Castle and along a narrow trail. You have to be careful, because you have to enter the Pähler Gorge on your own responsibility. We therefore recommend that you only take the path through the gorge on dry days. For adventurous and sure-footed kids, the detour is the ultimate on the excursion at Lake Starnberg with kids. Climbing over fallen tree trunks and jumping over the stream to follow the path is just plain fun.

The natural spectacle in the gorge with the waterfall is unique. That’s why the trail through the gorge is also a hit for fellow adult hikers.

If you are traveling with smaller kids, you can head straight from the parking lot to the day bar. This can be done by stroller, bike or on foot. You walk on the excursion at the Starnberger See first over the golf course Hochpähl and a piece of the forest through. Then it goes around a sharp bend and you can see Kerschlach from afar. The last meters are covered quickly. Beware of cyclists. They like to go fast on the route.

Our newest companion for the undertakings with kids and a super Easter gift!

What should not be on a successful trip with kids is a practical card game that fits into any backpack and pleases the whole family. The kids have the right idea right away, namely Halli Galli Twist. This game is from AMIGO Spiele and again landed right in the hearts of our kids. You can play it in twos, threes, fours, fives and so on. Whoever is the first to discover the 5 same objects or colors on consecutive cards, hits the bell. Great fun and just the right action-packed reaction game for the outing, the picnic, the rainy day and especially for the Easter nest! So if you’re still looking for a gift that will be well received in the long term, Halli Galli Twist is absolutely on the right track.

Speaking of sustainability, the Halli Galli Twist is one of the AMIGO products that is already packaged completely plastic-free. Over the past two years, AMIGO has intensively addressed the issue of sustainability and set the course internally for a more sustainable future. To make the colorful world of games a little greener, AMIGO will in the future dispense with plastic contents and packaging wherever possible. This is already saving over 7 tons of plastic per year.

Our insider tip for the excursion at Lake Starnberg with kids.

The day bar Gut Kerschlach is the excursion dream for all families. After some exercise follows the pleasure and there are no limits there. You can expect a super relaxed ambiance, great food and drinks, a large meadow in front of the sun terrace with mountain views and a farmyard estate with animals and a playground.

Am Gasteig 14
82396 Pähl

This post was written in cooperation with AMIGO-Spiele! Thank you for your great cooperation!