An enchanted garden for princes and princesses at Nymphenburg Palace!

Visiting Munich with child Nymphenburg palace might be very likely on your top sightseeing list. Good to know that there is the so called Prinzengarten hidden in the park of Nymphenburg palace. The young princes used to play in the garden. Nowadays children living in Munich love to go wild in the garden. But only a few people are familiar with this part of the park of Nymphenburg palace. You find the Prinzengarten by keeping left after entering the park, crossing the small bridge and then turning right.

It is a very enchanted garden that stimulates the imagination. There is a reason why the old almost dilapidated little house is also called Hexenhäuschen. Fairy tales comes up to mind being in this garden and gives inspiration for other stories which might have been taken place in this garden.

In summer a small stream flows through the garden and invites you to plank. In autumn and winter there is nothing left of the little brook. Instead, kids love to romp and roll in the foliage.

With a stop in the Prinzengarten, the children can enjoy another walk or a possible visit to Nymphenburg Palace much more! Once a year you can also visit the various pavilions in the palace park! This is highly recommended!

Schloss Nymphenburg 6
80638 Munich

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