Mini-knights castle right by the Aqua Terra Zoo!

There is a small knight’s castle which may be conquered by the younger ones. Instead of an ordinary seesaw, the balance can be tested on the small rocking boat. There is a mini-tunnel that can be crawled through and a small hill that invite the kids to climb. Also swings and a sandpit are of course part of the playground.

Right opposite, there are stretch bars in different designs for older kids. There’s something for everyone. In addition, it is a pleasure to take a look at the large climbing wall at the Aqua Terra Zoo and watch some of the climbers.

Next to the playground are also wooden couches. Maybe, circumstances will allow you to relax here for a little while

The Aqua Terra Zoo, nearby, is definitely worth a visit. Children can learn a lot about underwater life here.

Kopernikusgasse 1
1060 Wien

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