Our family day in Nimes!

The sightseeing in Nimes is fun with children! The city is full of historic remains from the Roman era. You can see and tell stories about it at every corner.

Our family day in beautiful Nimes starts in the Appart’City Hotel. Families have plenty of space there and with an integrated kitchen, all points are set for an optimal start. Directly in front of the hotel is the first sight of the city, the Roman Arena. There, the kids can drive around with their city scooters. Afterwards we enter the winding city center. Our destination is the organic Café Farmers. A second breakfast is waiting there. The healthy dishes, such as an acai bowl or freshly squeezed juices give us energy for the whole day.

With a short stop in the sweet children’s shop Le Lutin Vert we continue to the park Jardin de la Fontaine. There we are to see the Tour Magne located on a hill right inside the park. The ascent to the mountain is long, but we always find something to play on the way. A narrow tunnel made of stone, a large fish pond and flower meadows are welcome attractions.

Once at the top we let our eyes wander over the city. The tower impresses the kids. Especially the fact that humans have built it with their bare hands makes them think. Puzzling how this was possible, we go to the restaurant l’harmony and enjoy the french lunch menu there. The waiter tells about the delicious “menu enfant” (the children’s menu), which comes with a chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. 

In the afternoon we want to see the Roman aqueduct Pont du Garde in the north of Nimes. The bridge is already 2000 years old and was built for water supply. Since 1985, the building has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By car we are there in 30 minutes and are amazed by the large facility on site. First, we visit the exhibition, which informs about the life of Roman civilization. The children become archaeologists exploring and discovering the past. We reach the bridge after a short walk. We let the day fade away and enjoy the view of the bridge.

After our trip to Nimes, we traveled beautiful Provence. In this post we tell you which favorite places we have discovered there.


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