Tips for a successful Oktoberfest visit with children!

The Munich Oktoberfest with children is a story for itself! While some families with children of the annual Oktoberfest are skeptical, for others the visit to the well-known festival is part of every years tradition.

We like to go to the Oktoberfest and even more with our children! They have sparkling eyes every time they visit! BUT so that this (mostly short) visit is equally joyful for all family members, we have collected a few tips over the years. We will gladly share it with you, because then you will start your visit relaxed and let it become the ultimate fun for all!

Timing is everything! – Oktoberfest with children

We go to Oktoberfest with our children on a weekday and break up early after breakfast. At the early hour, the festival area is not packed and even a stroller is allowed.

At Oktoberfest we do not spend a whole day with children. After a few hours they are tired from all the impressions and the noise.

Choose family-friendly tents – Oktoberfest with children

We do not go with our children to beer tents, because only the beer consumption matters. Instead, we love to visit some little tents. For example, a visit to Café Kaiserschmarn is part of every Oktoberfest visit! The beer garden in front of the Käfer tent is also highly recommended with children. The volume is limited, there is room and above all the food is delicious.

Oide Wiesn – Oktoberfest with children

8 years ago the Oide-Wiesn was born. On the southern part of the Theresienwiese you find the Bavarian festival the traditional way. Oktoberfest as it was a few hundred years ago in Bavaria. For 3 euros you get access to the traditional festival grounds of the Oidn-Wiesn. Colorful costumes, horse racing and an animal tent attract the children! Parents like the humane prices and the cozy atmosphere.

Stroller regulation – Oktoberfest with children

Good news: you can bring your stroller to the Oktoberfest. Please note that strollers are not allowed from Friday 18:00 until Sunday morning. Friday evening and Saturday, the entire Oktoberfest area is very crowded anyway, so a visit with children is not the best idea

Safety first – Oktoberfest with children

Losing the child at the Oktoberfest is probably the worst performance! So that we are prepared for the emergency, we not only write our children’s mobile phone number on the forearm, but also give them a little piece of paper with our contact details. Better safe than sorry!

Planning upfront- Oktoberfest with children

So that there are no unpleasant surprises during the visit, we think about 5 things we definitely want to drive, eat or see before we visit the Oktoberfest upfront. This usually works very well, everyone can already adjust to the program.

Good to know: Playgrounds around – Oktoberfest with children

If the minds are then heated or tired, it is good to know where the next playground is hiding.

  • Spielplatz an der Theresienhöhe: Theresienhöhe 6, 80339 München
  • Spielplatz im Nußbaumpark: Ziemssenstraße 1, 80336 München
  • Spielplatz Hans-Fischer-Straße: Hans-Fischer-Straße, 80336 Münhcen
  • Spielplatz Georg Freudorfer Platz: Geroltstraße 24, 80339 München
  • Spielplatz am Glockenbach: Am Glockenbach 2, 80469 München

Lederhose and Dirndl – Oktoberfest with children

Finally, whether with or without an traditional Bavarian costume, Oktoberfest is always fun. Dirndl and Lederhosen are a must for us when going to the Oktoberfest. The little ones look so cute and we are all looking forward to the days when we bring out our Bavarian costume.

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