Spurge your kids’ wanderlust!

Going hiking with the kids is one of our great weekend passions. Immersing ourselves in the mountain world with the incomparable mountain air, Kaiserschmarren and hiking trails that awaken the adventurer in our kids. By the way, we show that it doesn’t necessarily need mountains to hike in this blog post with the most beautiful hiking destinations throughout Germany, which we collected together with our Local Mates.

So that the kids are motivated to join in on the hike, we have collected some useful tips over time. And that’s exactly what you can read here.

A hiking trail that suits the condition of the whole family is the key!

Hiking with children is not a piece of cake, especially in the first attempts. Our experience shows that you have to approach the first successes step by step to find out the condition of the family. A suitable hiking tour to introduce kids to hiking is, for example, the Albert-Link-Hütte. Choosing the right tour is the be-all and end-all of hiking anyway. The best draw themed trails, an alp with a playground as a destination or animals waiting along the way.

Hiking with friendly families!

Our proven hiking method, namely hiking with friendly families and their children, works every time anew. The children motivate each other and get along before loud chatting and playing usually without extra sugar. Climbing together is simply twice the fun!

I pack my backpack and take with me…

The children incredibly like to pack their own backpack and take with them all kinds of entertainment material. Of course, kept in moderation so that the backpack is easy to carry and water bottles and Co end up in the backpack of the parents anyway. What our children prefer to pack in their backpacks is the following:

  • A magnifying glass or beaker magnifier, so you can observe animals or stones along the way more closely
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  • For larger children a carving knife. The highlight for our kids when it comes to sharpening their own hiking stick. This carving knife as a peeler is suitable for kids as young as 6.
  • A fruit slice or sweet snack – this can quickly replenish empty energy reserves
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  • When we go hiking with several children, we always like to take carabiners and a rope with us. Not because the tour is so steep, but because the kids like to chain themselves together with it. That promotes team spirit.

The right equipment for small hikers

For us, the right equipment starts with the shoes. Shoes with a good tread are not necessarily cheap, but essential for safe footing when hiking. We usually buy the shoes in neutral colors so that both kids can wear them. Otherwise, comfortable clothing is enough and should the hike go along the water, we take in the hiking backpack in any case change of clothes. In addition, rain jacket, sun hat and sunscreen must not be missing, as well as the first help kit.

Ganz wunderbare Wandererlebnisse mit euren Kids!