Schwabing with kids – these places please the whole family!

Here we show you our favorite places in Schwabing with kids. Because it’s so much fun to discover new corners of the city for yourself, even with kids, and to simply stroll around a neighborhood for a whole day. Open to the world and yet completely in love with your own home, that describes the Munich district of Schwabing – which, by the way, is one of our favorite corners in Munich – quite well.

We’ve put together our personal highlights in Schwabing with kids, guaranteed to please the whole family. Checking out new playgrounds for the kids and trying out a nice café around the corner. Look for the next birthday present in the children’s store, feast on Neapolitan pizza at your favorite Italian restaurant, head to Bartu for an ice cream and, best of all, plan a detour to the pretty concept store for moms. Then it’s off to the English Garden for a bar by the lake or a picnic on the grass.

Tips for the family day in Schwabing with kids

We start our family day in Schwabing with kids at Pündterplatz in the middle of Schwabing. There’s not only a great playground but also the “Two in One”. A store that combines a café and flowers under one roof. So while you enjoy your coffee and freshly baked croissants in the sun, the kids can play on the fenced playground directly opposite.

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Then it’s off to the Kinderkunsthaus on Hohenzollernstraße. If it’s raining, this is the tip par excellence, because, in the Kinderkunsthaus in Schwabing, you can let off steam together creatively and really for hours. There are no limits to your imagination. From making clip films with self-made figures out of plasticine to printmaking or painting on the easel, all big and small artists have fun at the Kinderkunsthaus.

Not far away you will find our favorite children’s store Kunst und Spiel on Leopoldstraße. On three floors you can find everything a child’s heart desires. The focus is on toys made from natural materials. Craft items such as origami, various paints, beads, cards and also selected toys from small brands have their well-deserved place in Kunst und Spiel. Here we can browse for hours!

After that, there’s pizza for everyone at Nine O Five. They serve Neapolitan-style pizza and a very good wine list. Kids are treated as warmly at Nine O Five as they rarely are in Munich, and they get pens and coloring books delivered directly to their table.

If you’re in the mood for an ice cream afterwards, stop by BARTU, the organic ice cream factory, right around the corner. At that moment, dear mamas, you should seize the moment and stop by for a detour in dk style. The owner of the concept store in Schwabing has an excellent knack for colorful favorite pieces. If you’re looking for a gift for your girlfriend, you’re guaranteed to find it here!

Then it’s off to the English Garden to the Bar am See or just to relax in the green! While the kids play at the Eisbach or conquer the next playground, you can also make it comfortable on the picnic blanket. This belongs. namely for a day in Schwabing with kids in any case in the backpack.

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