With minimal equipment maximum relaxation on your next family trip!

The best about summer is that we are most of the time outside with our kids. We love to spend as much time as possible outdoors. For our family outings we quickly pack the bathing bag for the lake, backpack for the excursion or the baby carrier for the next family hike.

Light luggage is important or us. Thus we try to limit ourselves to the essentials, which are often enough things with children. But one thing we always take with us on our excursions: our emergency kit.

In case a child gets hurt, we are well prepared with our emergency kit. Knowing we are prepared in case of an accident calms us parents, just like the children calms down by getting a small consolation. Our experience of the recent years showed us that following essentials are extremely useful to take with you.

Key essentials of our emergency kit are the followings:

      • disinfection spray, because (small) abrasions occur almost weekly with bare legs of our whirlwinds;
      • plasters, the universal remedy for calming the upset mind of our little ones, in no time at all everything is only half as bad;
      • Sun cream, so that we can reapply it if necessary;
      • pair of tweezers, no matter if splinter, bee sting or a tick with the tweezers it is quickly removed;
      • gel against insect bites, so that the annoying bites don’t itch so horribly;
      • and the Bach Flowers RESCUE Cream is our all-round talent par excellence. For abrasions, cuts, sprains or bruises, the cream always helps!

The essentials of our emergency kit are always out together in a small bag. So it is always available and quickly put into our backpack. Thus we don’t have to rely on someone else to help us out. That relaxes us. Going on vacation our emergency kit is of course also part of our must-haves but get added by a few more components important for travelling with kids.

You can get all components of our emergency kit at the Shop Apotheke. They offer a good selection often combined with an attractive price. It’s worth taking a look!

This blog post is published in cooperation with Shop Apotheke. All recommendations and opinions are as always ours.

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