Discover Germany from a completely new perspective with your family!

Hand on heart, Germany has so much to offer and gives pretty much everything for vacation-seeking families. Between all the beautiful favorite places on lakes, mountains or the sea, it’s hard for us to decide on a destination.

In this post we present you our highlights among the family-friendly hotels in Germany. Let us inspire you!

Vacation in the Bavarian capital in a friendly family hotel.

Discover our hometown and numerous favorite places for families around the charming Hotel Augustin. In the middle of the city not far from the Theresienwiese hides the youth and family hotel established by a foundation. In terms of sustainability, the hotel sets the bar pretty high! For the sake of the environment, regional products are preferred. Building materials and food come from the immediate vicinity of Munich. The hotel’s bright and modern family rooms provide excellent space for families with up to two children. The 18 so-called 6-person boxes contain three bunk beds with space for the extended family. The restaurant spoils guests from early morning to late at night with fresh and high-quality dishes that taste simply delicious. The restaurant has a large fenced garden, which offers the perfect place for families in the summer with sun loungers and a fountain. Click here to go to your favorite place!

Relaxing vacation in the Fünfseenland with kids

Not far from Munich, the Grundlers guesthouse attracts families for a time out by the lake. We love passionate hosts who put their heart and soul into it. That’s exactly the case at the Grundlers, and every guest, no matter how small or large, feels it right away. With their modern guesthouse, Christina and Paul Grundler have created a place where they themselves would love to vacation. For the unobtrusive design with a beautiful mix of old and new, they could easily win a design award. The former farmhouse was extensively renovated and remodeled last year into 10 spacious boutique-style vacation quarters. A few meters away is the popular Wörthsee, where we have already discovered numerous favorite places with children.

Beautiful family lodges at Baltic Sea

Not far from the coast, hidden in the nature are the most beautiful lodges for family holidays at the Baltic Sea! The talk is of Glück in Sicht (“Happiness in Sight”)! Name is program. Because not only is the city of Glücksburg close by, but family happiness is also so easy to realize at this place. The lodges are very spacious and offer modern facilities. They offer so much space that you can also find room for yourself, in case you need some me-time. A cot and high chair are provided free of charge. As a family of four, you can also spend the night in one of the apartments in the typical Nordic Reethus. During the day you can explore a lot as a family. The beach is close by, in the forest adjacent to the complex there are occasional wild animals to observe or you can take a trip to Glücksburg or Flensburg.

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Cozy B&B in Allgäu – d’Kammer

The family-owned B&B in Allgäu proves that the most beautiful places are sometimes very close. The old farmhouse was extensively renovated by Julia and her husband and has since then been a true dream place for families seeking relaxation. The charm and the handwriting of the old farmhouse have been preserved and combined with hip furnishings. Three different rooms are each a gem in itself. Small details that fill the rooms with cordiality, immediately catch the eye. An extra bed can be placed in each room, so each family member has a comfortable place to sleep. If you want, have breakfast in the house. Ecological dishes from the region are served on the table. That the hosts lead their B & B with body and soul arrives immediately. The hospitality comes at any end too short because Julia has even summarised the best excursion tips in a book. In it, every guest will find what he is looking for and quickly it becomes clear, in the area around d’Kammer there is so much to discover!

Family holidays on the North Sea in the Küstenperle

The North Sea with children is simply a wonderful destination. Sandy beaches for digging, eternally long dikes for strolling, the water with its own fascination and always a stiff breeze, which blows through you properly, let you forget everyday life quickly and create space for family time. The Küstenperle in Büsum is the ideal accommodation for your family holiday on the North Sea. At Küstenperle family flair meets maritime design. Families with children of all ages are welcome. Special family rooms and family suites with a separate second bedroom offer great conditions for peaceful nights. The equipment proves that the people here know what’s important for families. Extra children’s beds, bottle warmers, diaper buckets, electric kettles and refrigerators left no wish open.

Wine tour next to Moselle and Rhine

The whole family benefits from a trip along the Moselle and the Rhine. The parents can go on a tour of various wineries and taste wines such as Riesling, Elbling and Co directly on site. Anyone who thinks it would be too boring for the children has not yet looked at our favorite places in this region. Here you will find our favorite places in Koblenz and here and here two winegrowers, which we warmly recommend. There is the best wine and z. B. also a nature trail for the children.

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