TOP 10 beer gardens with kids in and around Munich!

Munich wouldn’t be the same without its beer gardens,right? We love them, especially since we have children. Visiting beer gardens with children is just a great activity during summer. But, as a matter of fact, the beer gardens are quite different form one another.

Sitting together with friends and family and treating yourself with Bavarian delicacies, of course including a good beer, is part of a successful beer garden visit. To ensure the fun is not only for the adults , we will recommend you beer gardens with nice playgrounds, good food and also a nice atmosphere. When visiting these beer gardens, try to get there early so you can find a table next to the playground. This way you can sit and enjoy your beer while watching your kids go wild.

One thing to know about beer gardens is that you can bring your food. If you are not into Bavarian food, you can bring your own stuff and no one will look at you like a weirdo or out of place. Actually, a lot of locals do so.

Our favorite beer gardens, especially to visit with kids are:

  1. Taxisgarten
  2. Kugler Alm
  3. Aumeister
  4. Emmeramsmühle
  5. Waldwirtschaft
  6. Augustiner
  7. Milchhäusl
  8. Bamberger Haus
  9. Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn
  10. Menterschwaige

Which are your favourite beer gardens? Let us know about them and write to us about your experiences! We are looking forward to your comments.


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