Cool excursions in Allgäu with children!

Allgäu has so much more to offer besides the well-known highlights like Neuschwanstein Castle. Fresh mountain air, beautiful lakes and wonderful little towns far away from mass tourism are the places that particularly inspire us in the Allgäu. The 10 excursions in Allgäu with kids, which have remained in our memory as favorite places, can be found here.

1. Play oases and adventure trail in Leutkirch

The Spieloasen und Erlebnisweg in Leutkirch is a highlight among hiking trails. A perfect combination between small town and country idyll. Along the way, a total of eleven carefully designed play stations await you. Each station revolves around an old craft from the Allgäu. Because of the good entertainment along the way, the hike is also suitable for the youngest. The circular walk starts in the old town of Leutkirch, where you also pass our favorite store, die zweigstelle. Be sure to stop by, it’s worth it! Then it goes with some stops at the play stations high on the Wilhelmshöhe. Now you walk directly through the Allgäu nature past green meadows. Even the parents have been thought of and so next to some play stations for the children, there are inviting wooden loungers to enjoy. Here are all the details of the play oasis and adventure trail in Leutkirch linked.

2. Short vacation on the farm Krötz

After the hike is before the relaxation. In Sonthofen in the Allgäu, the family-run Krötz Farm with its own cheese dairy and play barn is a very special place to end the day in peace. The farmer’s wife of the house bakes fresh cakes every day, which you usually only know from your own grandma. While you enjoy the cake in the pretty garden, the kids have all kinds of things to discover. Jumping hay in the play barn, trying out the countless pedal cars, digging in the sandbox or paying a visit to the animals in the petting zoo. During a walk around the farm you will also meet rabbits and beavers. All in all, a visit to the Krötz farm feels like a short vacation in the Allgäu. Click here for your favorite place to relax in Sonthofen.

3. Exciting hike along the smuggler’s trail across the border

The Schmugglersteig trail runs from Isler in Germany to Wannenjoch in Tyrol. The fact of hiking across the border would be exciting enough for the kids. But it gets even better. Because of its proximity to Austria, the area was once a popular smuggler’s trail. Now families can discover the trail on an adventure hike in the Allgäu. For refreshments, a typical alp awaits with delicious Allgäu cheese spaetzle. Click here for the hiking tour for families.

4. Alpaca Hike at Heslerhof

Hiking and that side by side with the probably fluffiest animals in the world! The Heslerhof in the Allgäu makes it possible. After a short briefing, each family member may lead an alpaca by the halter through meadows and forests. It will not be boring at all, because the alpacas are not only particularly charming animals but also always hungry. We stop at a picnic area with a view of the mountains. Meanwhile, Gabi, the farmer’s wife, gives a lively account of farming on the Heserhof. From the dairy cows to the sustainable energy production through biogas, everything is part of it. This is not only extremely exciting, afterwards everyone appreciates the farmers and their important work even more. Click here for the farm with alpacas and insights into agriculture.

5. Swabian farm museum Illerbeuren

The Swabian Farm Museum is located directly across the street from our favorite Allgäu d’Kammer lodging. For families, the museum is a great destination in the Allgäu with children, because in an interesting and child-friendly way, the open-air museum conveys how life used to be in the countryside. The reconstructed farmhouses can be visited from the inside and make it easy for kids to understand. In the workshops, a craft from the earlier times is presented in more detail. For example, there is a pottery, where you can also buy pottery and regularly lovingly designed offers, for example, in the wood workshop for the children. On a circular route across the grounds, one passes by various animal enclosures. Thereby you can get to know the Allgäu Big Five. Click here for the entertaining farm museum in the Allgäu.

6. Forest café with giant swing in Bad Grönenbach

Where the Waldcafé in the Allgäu hides, you least suspect it. The path winds through small villages to the edge of the forest in Grönenbach. Arriving at the parking lot of the Waldcafé, you can leave the car and walk the last bit to the wooden house. Even from a distance you can see the gigantic swing, with which the children (and also adults) can swing high into the air. A fun magnet for the kids. The café has a wonderful view of the forest and meadows. On sunny days you can find a spot on the terrace or make yourself comfortable in the glazed winter garden. Click here for your favorite place in the forest.

7. Hat museum and forest lake in Lindenau

Hats off! Everyone knows a hat, but only a few know the story as told in the Hat Museum. The town of Lindenberg in the Allgäu region has accompanied hat making and hat fashion for 300 years. So there is no better place to immerse yourself in the world of hats. The museum not only presents the topic in an exciting way, but also makes it tangible for young and old with interactive stations to touch and participate in. This ingenuity has already been recognized with numerous awards. Before or after a visit to the hat museum, a detour to the nearby Waldsee is a good idea. Walking or bathing fun, both are possible. Click here to go directly to your favorite place!

8. Excursion to the monkey mountain Salem

Monkeys and that in the middle of Baden-Wüttemberg? Yes, there are monkeys at the Affenberg in Salem. Strictly speaking, Salem is located just outside the Allgäu, but must not be missing in the Top10 list in any case. On the Affenberg, the endangered Barbary macaques live in a species-appropriate environment in the middle of the forest. They have numerous retreats, but still love to show themselves to visitors. For example, children can watch them feeding up close. In addition, there are riddles around the monkeys to solve on the marked paths through the monkey mountain. In addition to the Barbary macaques, there are other animals to discover on the circular route through the zoo, as well as a gigantic playground at the entrance. Click here for your favorite place between Allgäu and Lake Constance.

9. Excursion to the winery at Lake Constance

The winery Aufricht, is a first-class recommendation as an excursion destination at Lake Constance with children. It comes from Andreas, the owner of the coffee roastery Muckefuck. An insider tip, which we hereby pass on in all confidence. The location on the high shore of Lake Constance makes the ground particularly rich for growing wine. Besides aromatic white wines, there are also red wines from the region. The Fräulein Seegucker also belongs to the winery. In the modern Besenwirtschaft with style and a view of the lake, you sit in the middle of vines. So the seasonal delicacies from sweet to salty taste twice as good. Children in particular will feel right at home outdoors. You can combine your visit with the Monkey Mountain in Salem or the Hat Museum in Lindenberg. Click here for the most beautiful vineyard on Lake Constance that will please parents and children.

10. Hike to the Iller Suspension Bridge.

This hike in the Allgäu with children is made for everyone who wants to experience the Allgäu from its most beautiful side in just a few kilometers. Mountain views, wide meadows and cows are guaranteed on the hiking trail to the Iller suspension bridge. The hike starts at the Legau Unterau hiking parking lot. From there, you take the only path far and wide and start walking in the immediate vicinity of the Iller. Soon the Maierhof comes into view. An absolutely idyllic picture book farm. Cows graze on the pasture and in the background you can see the peaks of the Alps. This is how picturesque we imagined the Allgäu to be. The entire trail is a good 8 km long. Afterwards you can stop at the Waldcafé and enjoy a delicious cake. Click here for a detailed description of the hike.

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