Climate protection and travel, can they go hand in hand?

With the urban Kids we support responsible travel and sustainable tourism by showing you local activities, sustainable accommodation and outdoor activities.

No master has fallen from the sky yet, and we’re still getting to grips with the issue of climate protection when traveling. The fact is that around five percent of all climate-damaging emissions worldwide are caused by tourism alone. The state of our planet is already more than critical. The temperature is rising and causing more and more natural disasters such as floods, storms and forest fires, affecting nature and people. The following generations should be able to enjoy our planet as much as we do!

We would like to use everything in our private and entrepreneurial power to reduce CO2 emissions to the absolute minimum, to prevent further environmental damage and to tell as many people as possible about our ideas and plans.

We choose all our favorite places carefully. That means we feature places that are committed to climate action in travel and discovery and have a positive social impact.

We are already contributing to the SDGs with the urban Kids and want to do much more in the future.

      • SDG 8: Sustainable development as an opportunity for all
      • SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities
      • SDG 12: Produce and consume sustainably
      • SDG 13: Implement climate protection worldwide
      • SDG 17: Global partnerships for the goals

So how should we travel so we can leave a livable planet for our kids and future generations? You can find concrete tips on this in the following article.

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