Hiking with children – our favorite tour tips!

Hiking is the miller’s delight…and the children’s as well! Kids are born adventurers! And such a hiking experience offers excellent opportunities. With the right routes, the appropriate attractions for the kids and a few tricks, the wanderlust is unstoppable.

Together with our local mates, we have looked around for the most beautiful hiking routes throughout Germany. Because every region has something special in store and it quickly becomes clear that you don’t need mountains to hike.

Hiking with kids to Fedlahnalm – hut experience with a petting zoo

The ascent to the Feldlahnalm with kids will not be boring. The entire route runs along the Hammergraben. This means the continuous sound of water and happy splashing in your ears. The Hammergraben arouses immense interest in the kids. At the small waterfalls the water just gushes, elsewhere you can go down and splash with your hands in the water or even climb a bit on the big stones in the stream. The menu includes typical Bavarian snacks, soups and homemade cakes. You can enjoy your meal behind the hut by a small stream and cool your feet in the water at the same time. Click here to go to your favorite place!

Visit in little France in the Holmer Sandberge

In the west of Hamburg, between Appen, Holm and Wedel we dive into the wonderful expanses of the Holmer Sandberge at the weekend. Even if the temperatures between the Elbe and the North Sea are usually not reminiscent of the south of France, the scenery to 100 percent. After we have parked our car coming from the Pinneberger Straße at the parking lot Eggernkamp/Catharinenhof, it goes off with occupied baguette in the luggage. We walk, run, jump over the North German dunes and let the wind blow around our noses. Under the canopies of pine trees, we think that the sand under our feet belongs to a French plage. Here is all the info on the favorite place.

Hiking adventure in the Unterallgäu

The hiking trail starts directly in front of our favorite place, the B&B Kammer and runs along the Glücksweg – on the Illerradweg – from the historic railroad bridge always straight through the forest to the turnoff Maria Steinbach or Lautrach (who likes to run a smaller round, turn right here and go to the Kneippanlage and via the village Lautrach back to Illerbeuren. All others walk straight on to Ampo. At the meadows you can see cows grazing, you can discover stones, sticks, flowers or other things or “need” with which you can certainly do something nice after your tour.

Sprawling organic farm in Berlin for great walks with kids.

In the south of Berlin, in an old knight’s castle, lies Domäne Dahlem, a large organic farm. The extensive meadows are great for a discovery walk. Horses, sheep, cattle, pigs and chickens have their home at Domäne Dahlem. There is also an open-air museum. In the farm store you can buy fresh food directly from the farm or for a picnic in nature.

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Hiking with kids through the Hainich National Park in Thuringia

Just the right hike for families in Thuringia is the Nightingale Trail through the Hainich National Park with kids. Extensive fields and in case of luck nightingale songs and quite a lot of butterflies make through nature an experience.

High shrubs and bushes are the welcome home for the nightingale here. In the summer months you can listen to the unmistakable sounds of the bird.

Hiking with kids and llamas in the South Eifel

The llamas with their big googly eyes and fluffy fur are extremely patient and friendly and therefore ideal companions for a family outing. The kids learn a lot of new things on the hike with llamas and it is exciting on top of that. In the southern Eifel, the healthy exercise in the fresh air can be combined with a cuddly animal on a leash. This is of course a highlight and immediately ensures stamina while walking. After arriving at the Eifel Nomads and getting to know the llamas for the first time, you set off through the idyllic landscape of Schönecker Schweiz. Here the hiking fun continues.

Experience mountain Hocheck attracts with a gold panning facility

A hiking experience, where even the very young get a taste, you will find at the Hocheck in Oberaudorf. Because hiking is accompanied by many attractions and activities for children. It starts with the ride in the chairlift up to the mountain station, where you want to take the first break directly. A wild animal enclosure with chamois magically attracts the children. The animals are trusting and are happy to be fed with tufts of grass they have picked themselves. A few meters next door waits the gold panning, another highlight for the children. Fresh water flows in the channel of the gold panning plant, with which the children dig the sand. What else you can experience there, read here.

Alpaca hike at the Pausen-Hof near Hamburg

Admittedly, the Pausen-Hof is located a bit away from Hamburg, but the drive is worth it. Because on site you can experience the sweet alpacas. The Pausen-Hof is a true gem in the midst of nature. Here, the everyday life is quickly forgotten and the feeling of time out arises almost by itself Children love the alpacas and vice versa. The fluffy fur, the appropriate height of the animals and their loving nature usually make it very easy for children to become friends with the alpacas. Here are all the details! 

Our kids think that a walking stick is a must from the very beginning. Fortunately, you can usually find it after the first few meters on the side of the trail and nothing stands in the way of relaxed hiking with kids. But we don’t want to keep you any longer! Let’s get out into nature.

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