Valuable travel gadgets for being on the road with kids!

There are things that we no longer want to miss on any trip with kids. On our numerous undertakings, we have already gained so some experience, which acquisitions for the vacation with children worthwhile. In this article, we present the most valuable items for us, which we always have with us and are now our faithful companions.

Many of them we were allowed to introduce to you on the website already in more detail. Because they just fit exactly to our motto to make the family time as nice and pleasant as possible.

Great gaming fun in a practical pocket format from AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit.

While waiting for food in the restaurant or on a long train ride, such as to Paris, the games from AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit are a must. The pocket-sized card games are all different, but have one thing in common: The fun factor is incredibly and incidentally also promotes concentration and memory. Who does not know the games yet, should change that immediately! Our favorite game and perennial favorite with the kids is the game “The Plumpssack goes around” and here we present it to you in more detail. No less popular are the games “Schnattergei” and “Die Fröschis”, which you can learn more about here. The enthusiasm to play along with the whole family is immediately there, as soon as one of the games lands on the table!

Best sound for children’s ears and sustainable to boot!

With a lot of brains, the headphones were designed for children from 3 years. Where possible recycled plastic and without exception pollutant-free materials are used. In addition, the POGS are very robust and can withstand even rough vacation experiences. But that in no way means that the sound experience or wearing comfort suffer. On the contrary, our children praise them in the highest tones. Especially because the headphones are so easy for kids to use. Via Bluetooth, the headphones can be connected to the phone in a flash and play any playlist. The buttons on the device itself make it child’s play to press the regulated volume and play/stop. Even listening together is possible, for this you connect the otherwise wireless headphones together. Read our recommendation here!

Scooters from Micro – as travel companions for city trips with children

Scooters from Micro make getting around with kids easy and more enjoyable for the whole family. Sentences like “Mom, can you please carry me” or “Mom, I can’t go on” from walking-tired kids are a thing of the past. The scooters are quickly folded, fit in any trunk and even backpack and are therefore practical to take along. Due to the 2 front wheels, the scooter is stable on the road and is easy to steer with the shifting of the weight. We especially find that the Micro scooters are extremely quiet. We chose two different models. The “maxi micro deluxe pro” is a real eye-catcher and all-rounder that has no trouble even on cobblestones. The other model is the maxi micro deluxe ECO. The kickboard consists of recycled fishing nets, ropes and other plastic waste from the maritime industry. For us, the scooters have proven to be a real value-add for exploring cities with kids. Here you can see the scooters in action discovering new favorite places!

Bugaboo Bee5– Our favorite travel buddy

S A reliable travel companion, the Bugaboo Bee5 accompanies us on our many explorations of the city. With this, we are well equipped to take the city by storm! The Bugaboo Bee5folds effortlessly, takes up little space in the trunk and is a lightweight stroller at a mere 8.9 kg. The children can rest their tired feet and the smallest in the bunch may hold the nap in a comfortable sleeping position. The seat can be namely individually adjust, both the backrest and the direction of view. Smaller children can thus keep their parents in view and slightly larger children can actively participate in sightseeing with the forward-facing seat. Thanks to the four-wheel suspension, the compact stroller can be easily moved through the streets despite cobblestones. That’s precisely why the Bugaboo Bee5 is indispensable as our faithful travel buddy.

You know other travel gadgets that are really valuable for traveling with children? Write us! We look forward to your tips.