Delicious breakfast in a casual and cozy atmosphere in Paris!

It’s simply delicious at the hip Café Le Pain Quotidien in Paris. The smell of freshly baked bread and croissants wafts through the air as soon as you enter. You can eat delicious food here all day long, but we especially love the breakfast.

At Le Pain “Quotidien, there’s much more than the French breakfast of espresso and pain au chocolate. Homemade tartes, egg dishes, fresh juices or avocado breads are just what you need in your stomach for an exploratory tour of the city. Every child will find something here, that much can be promised.

To shorten the waiting time, we always have our much loved games from AMIGO with us. The handbag-compatible games are an excellent companion for traveling with children. Not only because they are good to take along, the games are all designed with brains in mind. They work without a lot of reading in, are always good for a laugh, and incidentally encourage children in their concentration and memory skills.

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This time the Schnattergei and the Fröschis were allowed to come with us on our travels. The Schnattergei mainly puts concentration to the test and sorts for proper confusion (with the children not half as much as with the parents). For example, the pictures show a red banana. Anyone who doesn’t shout out “strawberry” has to hand in two extra cards. With the Schnattergei, the term is repeated by the previous player. With a little practice, the game with the children becomes really lively and provides a lot of fun. Die Fröschis is a game for kids 5 and up to practice the number line up and down. The pond is full of numbers, frogs and unfortunately also some garbage. Clearly, order must be created. If it should be rather quiet at the table or there is only time for an entertaining game, the frogs are just right. Regardless of the game, the minutes until breakfast arrive fly by.

But back to breakfast at the most delicious café in Paris. The extended breakfast tastes just as good as you’d imagine, and by the way, the café even provides high chairs for the very young at the table and even the stroller finds its place in the spacious café. On weekends it’s worth making a reservation.

Around-the-corner tip: The coveted Bon-Marche department store is just a stone’s throw away. Extra tip: Shopping unmotivated companions can be best sold the stopover. Because right in front of the department store, bus 86 goes directly to the Eiffel Tower. Win-win for everyone.

25 Rue de Varenne
75007 Paris

Mon – Sun: 08:00 – 18:00 h