Family friendly places for the dream vacation in Provence with kids!

Provence is a perfect destination for families with kids. The beautiful nature and the historic small villages bring a great twist to the family vacation. Every day can be arranged individually. Whether it’s exploring a new village or relaxing in nature, Provence has it all.

We have been imagining and planning our vacation in Provence with kids for years. Our expectation was exceeded, so much in advance.

The landscape in the south of France is beguiling and confirms every picture book’s imagination. The food leaves nothing to be desired, as you would expect in the land of haute cuisine. And especially important, kids are welcome guests. Restaurants usually offer a popular children’s menu.

The lavender fields bloom between June and August. At this time also comes the tourist rush to Provence. Therefore, we decided to avoid these months. We consider spring and autumn as the best time to travel. Perfect to start earlier in the summer or to extend it.

Day trip to Gordes and Roussillon

The two romantic villages of Gordes and Roussillon are among the most beautiful in Provence. A day trip with the family should not be missed. Gordes is a small village built in the middle of a mountainside. The castle and church mark the center of the village. Small cafes and stores surround them. It is worth to have a look at Provençal spices, fragrances and linen. A special feature of Gordes is the fabulous view. If you follow the small streets, you will quickly reach the viewpoint. From the hillside you can overlook the whole valley. If you want, you can take a walk down the slope or admire the panorama with an ice cream in your hand. For kids, the second option is certainly the most popular. Just 15 minutes away by car is Roussillion. Another picturesque village of Provence. It is characterized by ocher-colored houses and narrow streets. The famous ocher rocks surround the village and already served the Romans with their bright colors. It was and is processed into pigments and paints and plays a major role in craftsmanship. A tour through the rocky landscape is certainly interesting. During our visit, we were already very hungry and decided to go to a restaurant overlooking the rocks with bizarre shapes. Le Clos de la Glycine restaurant is perfect for foodies big and small. It’s not explicitly kid-friendly, but at our request, they whipped up a delicious menu for the kids. The ambiance is very quiet and pleasant. The tables are aligned so that the view always falls on the other rocks.

Enjoy nature in Provence

The nature in Provence is impressive. It grows and thrives in the most beautiful forms. That also pleases the children. During a walk through the forest, we collected a variety of wild herbs. Smelling and tasting will be an experience. If you are in Provence, I should definitely take time for nature. The rich colors, the variety of plants and animals fascinates every age. Lakes and mountains are the holiday destinations for families when visiting Provence. Thus, the mixture succeeds on vacation quite simply. The spirit of discovery is fed and just as fast as you are in nature, to relax there wonderfully.

Charming wineries in Provence

For all Rosé lovers, Provence is the land of plenty. Several wineries of the region are among the most popular in the world. The visit with children on a winery works! Surrounded by the pure nature, a playground for the children is quickly found. So while dad is doing a little wine tasting, the rest is playing. Mostly there is a snack to eat. Of course we like the children very much. We can recommend the WeingutValdition. It is idyllically situated in the Alpilles Nature Park and produces organic wines and olive oils. As insider tip the winery Chateau Romanin is traded. For years, the probably best rosé of Provence is produced there.

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