French vibes on the urban kids!

Today we have the great pleasure to present you an interview with two amazing French moms, living in the beautiful south of France. In the interview they tell us about what their hometown Toulouse has to offer for families.

Their blog is called mother in town and is available in French only, one reason more to get our rusty French skills back in use.

1. Who are the women behind mother in town?
We are Jessica and Naima, two moms, one coming from Paris and the other one from Toulouse. We both love fashion, design and our home town Toulouse in the south of France but most of all we love our kids and enjoying our city with them together. We are hungry for creative and enriching words and terribly sensitive to pretty things

2. You both live in Toulouse, what do you especially like about your city?
Toulouse is a warm, pleasant and very dynamic city. There is always something going on and you can feel the good vibes around the city. Naima is Parisian and she fell in love with this city and where she decided to put down her suitcases a few years ago.
When Jessica grew up in Toulouse, she left and came back, unable to leave.

3. What are your favorite locations in Toulouse with kids?
For a cultural program, the museum of natural history and its multiple exhibitions are always as delightful for the children as for their parents.
The Quai des Savoirs is also a fascinating place for the whole family.
For a family brunch we recommend “Les Façonniers” a beautiful restaurant serving deli organic food and is very “kid friendly”! We love it!
For tea time, we recommend a recently opened place, called “Les Filles Naissent Dans Les Roses“; sweet, tasteful and perfect with the kids.
Shopping with and for kids is amazing at “Alice et les Garçons” for adults and “Sweet baby shop” for babies.
Finally, the place where we could spend hours: The bookshop “Tire-Lire”.
A superb place with a selection of incredible books and a nice team behind.
The indoor playground “Zeplégraounde” is a good address for rainy days.

4. How would your perfect day look alike?
First of all, it takes sun to start the day smoothly with a good breakfast with the family.
A short trip to the famous market in Carmes market to buy a picnic lunch, then stroll on the banks of the Daurade or stroll through the antique district.
Finish with a ride and a game of football at the Jardin des plants.

5. If a family wants to explore the region around Toulouse, what would you recommend to do?
The city and castle of Carcassonne is impressive for the whole family, of course. The children are crazy about playing in the castle and exploring every corner.
Albi is beautiful city where you can spend a nice day with your kids. Or even Cordes-sur-ciel, a splendid and romantic village in the north of Toulouse!

Thank you so much for the interview!

Let us know if you like this kind of interviews and content. We love the idea to get your blog filled up with tips and experiences from local parents.

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