Vancances en France between High-Tide and Bike-Ride!

All the diversity of nature gathered on an island whose magical light always fascinates us, bienvenue en Île d’Oléron. We leave the mainland over the almost 3-kilometer-long bridge and roll past the village of Le Chateau d’Oléron, entering one of our absolute favorite islands. Sustainable tourism is not only understood here as a marketing must-have, but can be experienced here every day.

Anyone who takes a vacation on the Île d’Oléron and immerses themselves in the beauty of nature will feel immediately why it is so worth protecting: Wide, white sandy beaches with washed-up works of art made of driftwood, a painterly colorful array of flowers behind the dunes – especially mimosa, which gave the island its nickname -, the variety of birds that call the island home and naturally, the sea with all its treasures.

In the Hotel Ile de Lumiere outside the lively harbor town of La Cotinière in the west of the island, which is a magnet with its market, the many restaurants, creperies and cafes, you will find in the best location with a view from the dune over the sea, exactly this closeness to nature, which makes the island so unique. From the terrace of the family room, which was very lovingly decorated with many maritime details, we have a wide unobstructed view of the Atlantic. Some rooms have a small cooking facility, otherwise there are barbecue areas with sea view on the premises. After getting up to see the vastness of the water before the eyes and in the evening the sun dipping into the ocean, for us unbeatable.

In between there are so on the Île d’Oléron innumerable possibilities to dive actively into nature, in the true sense of the word, for example, snorkeling and surfing or on land on two wheels around the island. At the Plage de Vertbois in the southwest, everyone gets their money’s worth: The youngest can learn safe swimming for the Atlantic in a pool on the beach (here’s to the swimming school), while the older ones are instructed in the art of wave riding opposite at the Oléron Surf Club. In addition, there is a small location Surf – rental of bodyboards, surfboards, sups and neos – as well as the “Le Bus”, a rolling snack bar and a very warm family business. .

There are wonderful and super family-friendly restaurants on the island, all with their very own menu enfant, a children’s meal consisting of main course, drink and of course dessert, but our highlight remains a picnic on the surfboards on the beach until the sun goes down.

Bonne Nuit, Île d’Oléron.

This wonderful inspiration for your family vacation on Île d’Oléron was written by our local mate, Kirstin. Thank you!