North Holland with kids between nature, stylish beach pavilions and most beautiful towns.

Already after the border, the deceleration begins – until 7 p.m., 100 km/h is the maximum speed on the highway in the direction of Amsterdam. So we roll leisurely past lush green meadows and old windmills to our destination, Bergen aan Zee. On the twenty-kilometer-long North Sea coast, between the whitest sandy beaches and untouched dune landscape, lies the artist town of Bergen, nestled between Egmont and Schoorl, only fifteen minutes by car from the beautiful historic city of Alkmaar, with its many canals and famous cheese market.

At the entrance to Bergen, we are charmingly greeted by a sign with a snail and the words “This place is not made for fast traffic.” it immediately becomes clear who has the right of way here, namely anything with two wheels: Bicycles, cargo bikes, e-scooters, tandems, beach bikes, running bikes, and the occasional old Vespa. Since we live in the middle of the old town center of Bergen – in a lovingly renovated former studio, our car, apart from the trip to the beach, is also on vacation.

We feel as if we have been beamed into a picture book, as we take our first tour through the small streets to the church square. There, are cafés, pubs, and restaurants for every taste and budget lineup. For our first breakfast, we opt for ECHT, a lively location for the best start to the day, and enjoy the most delicious breaky bowls, smoothies, and homemade Dutch pastries.

Anticipation builds for the beach, which is about a 20-minute bike ride down an enchanted path past the hidden villas. Our memories of Holland and expectations are far exceeded. Miles of wide and white North Sea coastline want to be discovered by us. Whether digging or beach volleyball, swimming or even surfing (surf school Bergen aan Zee), looking for sea treasures or just chilling, we get everything at our expense. Our favorite place becomes the Paviljoen De Jongens, right next to the surf school, which also offers a German-speaking camp for the kids during the vacations. Here you can get homemade ice cream as well as sweets and salty treats from poffertjes to fries.

Until sunset, the days at the sea go by much too fast and because we can’t get enough of the waves and the vastness, we are always drawn back to the town at dusk. On solar-illuminated bike paths, we find safely back to our Tiny House. For the evening with a sensational view and food, we can recommend NOORD. As the name suggests, this charming spot, where the kids can get their ice cream for dessert from the chest and which offers heated seat cushions for cold evenings, is located in the very north of Bergen aan Zee.

All in all, our conclusion is “But hello, Holland!”.

This wonderful inspiration for your vacation in North Holland with kids comes from Kirstin. Thank you so much for it! Be sure to check out her Website Y-WHY. With this, she supports in communicative challenges and on the yoga mat to find answers to WHY questions.