Inspiring exchange among mummies at the Urban Mami Talk Cologne!

Together with Mami.Connection we’ve organized the first Urban Mami Talk Cologne! More than 25 mums (and dads) met at Café Fräulein Frida to get to know each other and to connect with other open-minded mums.

Sabine presented Mami.Connection, the platform for mums to connect with others either to arrange playdates or to build up tandems for child care. Sabinen and Charlotte want to make it easier for mums to find like-minded friends knowing from their own experience that this make life a lot easier.

I introduced the urban kids and outlined our vision: We share inspiration for family adventures, because quality-time with your kids is there to enjoy it! I gave some insights on how the business idea came up to our mind and how Carina and me are now striving for our vision.

Victoria from Kingababy will gave a keynote speech about baby sleep. She explained the EASY (eat-active-sleep-you)  method and gave recommendation how you can help your child to have longer sleep sessions during the day.

In the vivid Q&A-Session after her talk many further questions around day sleep of kids have been answered

With Café Fräulein Frida we had the perfect location for our Urban Mami Talk. The mums enjoyed a delicious breakfast and the great atmosphere.

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