Verona is an ideal place to visit during a vacation on Lake Garda with kids!

If you spend your family vacation on Lake Garda with the kids, you should go to Verona with the kids. The city is just the right size to get around in a few hours, as it is quite compact.

We drive in by car and usually park in the Parcheggio Multipiano Cittadella parking garage. From here, you stroll through the city gate right towards the Colosseum. This is where the kids get to marvel. And as horrible as adults find the ticket sellers dressed as ancient Romans, the kids are all the more thrilled with the costumes! If you want to visit the Colosseum, you have to be there early or plan some time for waiting.

We drift through the small streets of Verona. Make a detour to the balcony of Romeo and Juliet. But even that only if we are early because otherwise, you can not get through because of the tourist masses.

At Café Duchi we fortify ourselves with a coffee and a small snack. The café has a cool, relaxed atmosphere and even though it’s not explicitly geared toward kids, it’s very kid-friendly.

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Sightseeing in Verona with kids

Afterward, we walk a bit along the water towards the north and take a look inside the churches, if the kids are up for it. If you are in the corner, you can stop well in the Caffetteria Al Duomo. The terrace in the courtyard is a great place to sit. High chairs for the kids are available.

If you want to eat very well, go to Locanda 4 Couchi. Not only does the restaurant have faux food prepared in the open kitchen, but it is also very kid friendly. There are crayons and paper on every table to let the creativity of young and old run free.

On the way back, you should stop by the cool Kids Concept store Kiddy Kabane. Here you will find a great selection of special children’s toys and accessories. In addition, there are wonderful children’s clothes from brands that are hard to find in Germany.

If you fancy a delicious ice cream, take a detour to the La Romana ice cream parlor. It is located a little south of the city center. But the detour is worth it because the ice cream tastes delicious and the ice cream cone is filled with liquid chocolate on request! There nearby we have also discovered a small playground, but otherwise, Verona is unfortunately not equipped with good playgrounds.

Nice Restaurants in Verona with kids

For an absolutely delicious dinner in Verona with kids, we recommend the Benda restaurant. Here you will be spoiled with the finest wines and dishes. For the kids, the chef will be happy to whip up pasta to taste.

If your kids are a bit older, a visit to the opera in the evening is a great idea to end the family day in Verona with a unique memory. However, the tickets for this should be bought in advance. To give the kids a little taste, the inexpensive tickets on the high, side tiers are more than enough. You sit a bit away from the hustle and bustle, but you can immerse yourself in the acoustics and atmosphere perfectly.