Tips for a happy family day in Bern with children!

The historic city of Bern, known as the Swiss capital, is a great place to explore it with kids. For us it offered a wonderful stopover on the way to France. We discovered new favorite places while walking through the medieval streets that meander through the old town. The harmonious architecture of the buildings and the olive-green color is an eye-catcher.

The Zytglogge (clock tower) and the astronomical calendar clock are one of the most important sights of the city. Anyone who manages to be there on full hour can experience a small spectacle. The numerous cellar bars, which can be reached by small steps or slides, liked very much by children. Next is the Bundesplatz. The government building quickly fades into the background for families traveling with children in Bern. The reason is the water feature, with water fountains shooting directly from the ground. That impresses!

From there it goes to the vegetarian restaurant with kids corner Tibits. Thanks to Simone’s tip from Zurich, we quickly found a kid-friendly option for lunch in Bern. Restaurant and play area are well filled at lunchtime, but we still get a seat quickly.

We love to have a coffee in the afternoon. The Café Lesbar is just right. It is hidden under a gazebo (arcades are arcades, which serve in Berne mainly to shelter from a sudden rain shower.). In the backyard there is a large terrace on which the children can move freely. This is how the delicious Pastel de Nata can be enjoyed in the sun. The interior of the Café Lesbar is ideal for families. High chairs and a small book collection for the youngest prove that.

In the pretty children’s shop Bilboquet every kid finds a small souvenir of the city. The assortment is great and the tips of the charming lady working there are priceless. Listening to our travel plans, she knew immediately, which game we shouldn’t miss on journey with children. An entertaining card game with animals that matches the age of both children. It accompanied us all the further journey and our kids love it still. These are exactly the recommendations we value so much.

And in the end we paid a visit to Münsterplattform (cathedral platform). The gothic cathedral from the 15th century is inevitably located here too. A playground, a café and the wide view of the Aare, let the time on the green terrace fly by. Every family member enjoyed the common family day in Bern.

Our next stop on the road trip is Lyon (Check out here, what we experienced there).

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