Excursion destinations in Merano with kids!

Family vacation in Merano

A family vacation with child in Merano is always relaxing. Lots of nature, good food and mild weather make the area perfect. Merano is rightly considered a sunny spot, as it is difficult to experience bad weather here. It is picturesquely situated amidst apple orchards and countless vineyards. The Waal trails that run along the fields are great for hiking for families.

Hiking with kids in Merano

Our favorite hiking trail with children is the forest adventure trail at the Marlinger Waalweg. There are many stations for kids to experiment, discover and marvel at along the trail here. Why is a bell rung? What can cause a dam in the water channel basins? What are the names of the plants that grow here? Even for the parents there is one or the other new information here. And should the kids’ wanderlust wane, the next experiment station is certainly already in sight and will motivate them all by itself.

Lunch at a child friendly farm

A highlight for the whole family is the visit to the Haidenhof. We love it here! For the children there is a playground, free-range chickens, a small goat enclosure and with a little luck, can be marveled at in peacock from close range. While the children are well taken care of, parents can enjoy the delicious food. Schlutzkrapfen, apricot dumplings, Brotzeitbrettl – here you get to know the authentic cuisine of South Tyrol from its best side. A fresh glass of apple juice from the farm’s own apples or a cool glass of wine from the associated winery tastes particularly good with it. From up here a wonderful view extends into the valley. The Haidenhof is completely family-owned and you can feel the warmth through and through.

Animal world Rainguthof near Merano with a petting zoo and gigantic panorama

If you drive up the long serpentine road to Gfrill, you can’t imagine what a large petting zoo is hidden up in the mountains. Those who don’t get sick to their stomach on serpentines have a clear advantage here. You leave the two inns in Gfrill behind, take a few more curves and then you’re there. A small realm, lovingly designed with many animals and play opportunities, stretches out before you. Small goats run around freely everywhere and can be patiently stroked and fed by the children. Several enclosures are spread over the area. Read more here! 


Family excursion to the Taseralm in Merano with kids

The visit to the Taseralm can be perfectly combined with a family hike on the Taser Höhenweg. The leisurely path runs past small watercourses and numerous flower meadows. Depending on their physical condition, each family can choose the length of the walk. The Taseralm is particularly suitable for families to stop off at because of the gigantic playground, which has a lot to offer with slides, climbing frames and an observation tower. There are also animals to marvel at around the alp. For older children, there is a high ropes course that reaches up to 12 meters into the trees and promises real thrills. The Almgasthof serves fresh South Tyrolean dishes. The products for this come from the region.

Child-friendly Café in Merano

If you have enjoyed enough nature, you should definitely pay a visit to Merano city center. The small streets with the old, ornate house facades in addition in the background always the mountains offer an enchanting panorama. However, since this is usually only conditionally exciting for the kids, we recommend in any case to plan a walk along the Passer. Here you can make a great stop at the child-friendly Café Wandelhalle. In addition to tasty ice cream, delicious cake and good coffee, there are tricycles, running bikes and scooters for the children to whiz along the car-free promenade. There is also a children’s table and a sandbox along a large old tree.

From here you can walk further along the Sissis path. Take the way back to the village center on the other side of the Passer. This way you will pass the hidden children’s playground at Café Elisabeth.

Accommodation tip for families in Merano

For the next family vacation in South Tyrol, we have found a beautiful accommodation high up in the Merano mountains. Hidden in the snow is the apartment house Michael am Waal, with freshly renovated apartments that could hardly be more beautiful. In addition, there is a fabulous view, hiking trails right outside the front door, a swimming pool and a wellness area to relax. The vacation mix of relaxation and activities for families can not be better.

Also not far from Merano is the Apfelhotel. Modern architecture meets traditional farm life in the family-run hotel. Here, every member of the family lends a hand. In the kitchen, the finest dishes are conjured up and award-winning cider is made with the apple harvest. If the kids feel like it, they can help out on the farm. The swimming pool and wellness area provide additional well-being for the guests.

A vacation with children in Merano is so varied, so that every member of the family can enjoy it to the fullest.

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