In Tuscany you will have a great variety for your family holidays!

Tuscany with a child has a lot to offer!

Tuscany with its hilly landscape, cypress avenues, pine forests, interesting cities and culinary delights is a great destination for families. There won’t be any boredom during your family vacation. Relax on the beach, visit small villages or go sightseeing to world-famous sights – depending on your mood, the days can be varied according to individual needs!

Sightseeing – Tuscany with child

Siena and Lucca have just the right size for us to do some sightseeing with kids. There we can get an impression of the Tuscan cities, without overburdening the kids nor ourselves. Siena‘s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and you know immediately why. You park in front of the city center and then you can stroll with the children relaxed through the car-free streets. The central Piazza del Campo is quickly found. We recommend to climb up the tower. Our son thought it was very exciting because the stairs to the top were getting narrower. Once you reach the top you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the city. Another impressive building is the Cathedral of Siena. It is built from black and white marble! For the children, there were numerous pictures of animals to be discovered, whether on the wall, on the ceiling or on the floor. This makes sightseeing fun for them too!

Lucca is an absolutely idyllic little town. You can drift through the many small streets and discover a lot of beautiful churches or other structure. Last but not least, the Cathedral of San Martino fascinated children because they can discover a sculpture with the well-known cloak division of St. Martin. Running up the Torre del Ore is great fun. High up on the roof, trees start to grow. That also astonished the children! It also makes a lot of fun to walk along the city wall. There’s even a playground there.

The larger cities of Tuscany, Pisa and Florence, we have planned for when the kids are a bit older.

Hotels – Tuscany with child

In the north of Tuscany, the Villa Lena is a beautiful and special hotel. Here artists meet holiday makers. The result is a wonderfully casual, creatively inspired atmosphere. Each room is individually decorated with original antiquarian pieces that have been stylishly merged. At the pool you not only have a wonderful view over the Tuscan countryside, but there is also a children’s pool, a boulevard and a small pool bar.

Another great child-friendly hotel in the southern part of Tuscany is the Agriturismo Tenuta del Fontina. The hotel offers pleasant comfort and is very child friendly. Breakfast and in the evening a four-course meal can be booked on request or you cook in you apartment. The kids love the dogs, cats and horses. A riding stable is located near the playground and if the children want, they can get a small riding unit. The heated pool is lovely. Back from the excursion, purely in the pool, was often the program for us.

Clear that in both hotels on children’s equipment such as cot and highchair was not missing!

Holiday project – learn cycling with the woom Bike

The big country sides at the tuscany hotels are great to learn cycling. We used our holiday to teach our son cycling on his new woom Bike.  We got it shortly before the holiday and could not wait to try it out. The woom bike is designed very clever, so that you can easily remove the handlebar and pedals in a few simple steps so that it still fits in the full trunk. At first, our son was quickly tired from testing. He also found it more exciting to first examine his new woom Bike carefully. How does it work with the bike rack? Which brake belongs to the front and rear tires? How do I operate the bell? The whole bike is not only a lightweight but also extremely well geared towards children. For example, you can tell by the color of the brake which tire it belongs to. We often put in short bike units. At the beginning we compensated the lack of balance by holding him on the shoulder. But quickly he developed the necessary balance and enjoyed cycling his new woom Bike. To hold on to him became more and more a minor matter until we finally let him go and he drove the first few meters alone. What an exciting moment! It was a great pleasure for us to teach him how to ride a bicycle on vacation. During a vacation everybody is bit more relaxed than in everyday life and that makes it even more easy to learn it.

Small excursions – Tuscany with child

Some days we were only in the mode for a little trip, so that there was still time for playing in the hotel pools. A nice half-day excursion  is a visit to the medieval town of Massa Marittima. It is located on a hill and offers a beautiful view of the plain of Maremma. The historic center impresses with the cathedral and the many well-preserved old buildings. Children can roam free on the car-free piazza.

It was also nice in the fishing village of Castiglione della Pescaia. A walk along the shore leads past the many fishing boats to the beach, where you will find Bagno Il Faro. Here you can enjoy a cappuccino overlooking the sea while the children play in the small playground. The castle, which towers above the town, is especially thrilling. But the hike is not stroller friendly.

Another nice place on the beach is Follonica. Park on the road, cross the pine forest and land directly on the beach. The beach is very spacious and invites to walks. The water goes in flat and so the kids have a lot of fun splashing around.

The blog post was created in cooperation with woom Bikes. This gave us the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike that is geared perfectly to children’s needs! Thank you for this great opportunity and trust in us!

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