The green heart of Italy is a relaxing vacation dream for families!

Umbria is also called the green heart of Italy or the little sister of Tuscany. The region is rather unknown for international tourists and still a true insider tip. For families who love the mix between nature and discovering new things on vacation as much as we do, Umbria is a highlight.

The hilly landscape is framed by lush forests and gorgeous lakes. Because of the clay-like soil, Umbria is also a popular wine region in Italy. Produced, for example, the white wine Trebbiano or the red wine Sangiovese. In addition, Umbria is known for its high truffle occurrence. Especially in autumn it is worthwhile to go in search.

The region is a homage to Italian cuisine. Quite traditionally, the dishes are prepared without big frills and the ingredients come out doubly well. Great importance is attached to the quality of the ingredients and the farm-to-table concept is currently gaining popularity. It goes without saying that kids are welcomed with open arms everywhere.

We start our family day in beautiful Umbria at Borgo Castello Panicaglia. The whole family feels at home in the old castle. The furnishings are cozy and kept in chic Scandinavian style. This harmonizes quite well with the old walls.

For families there aregenerous family rooms. The cuisine in the house is excellent, because the chef has already worked in a star restaurant. Now he enchants the guests in the Borgo with his creative dishes, for which almost exclusively ingredients from own cultivation are used. Matching wines from the region are combined with them.

In the morning, a big breakfast buffet awaits with fresh juices, homemade granola and other fine foods. Right next to the tables there is a playroom for the children.

But that’s not all by a long shot. As soon as the children have finished eating, they make their way to the big playground. This is located down the hill and leads past the herb garden. Between trees there are balancing poles, trampolines, a quaint windmill as a playhouse and a slide. We use the time for a second coffee and put together the program for the day.

If the sun shines, the swimming pool of the house must be visited in any case. But not today. The hotel organizes a truffle hunt every weekend. With experts and their dogs it goes off into the forests of Umbria, in search of the delicious mushroom. If you are lucky, you will find some truffles. This depends mainly on the weather. The truffle grows mainly in humid climates. The search is great fun for the children, especially because of the dogs.

Umbria is theperfect mix between lush nature and historic towns. Just 40 minutes from the Borgo is the world-famous Assisi and the tranquil but very pretty Bevagna.

In Assisi we will stroll through the small streets and visit the Basilica of San Francesco. Afterwards, we will continue to Bevagne. There we find the delicious restaurant La Delizie Del Borgo with typical cuisine from Umbria. It is located directly in the park and next to it a playground for the children. We can really recommend a visit. Afterwards, we also make here a small round through the relaxed and old town.

Just around the corner from Bevagna starts the wine region of Montefalco . If you want to plan a visit, let the hotel help you. The sommelier of the house knows most of the winemakers personally and can arrange an appointment for you. We visited the Winery di Filippo. The wines are biodynamic and have been produced for generations with respect for nature and the environment. During a coach ride through the vineyards you will learn everything you need to know about this form of viticulture. Many other animals live on the farm. The horses, goats, chickens and donkeys are used on the winery to manage the vines. The kids are happy to make new animal acquaintances.

The small fine Winery Tenuta Bellafonte is located high on the mountains with a view of Assisi. These wines have already excited us during the wine tasting at the hotel and led us directly there.

Now it’s the kids’ turn again and we’re off to the pottery studio of Eva. Eva is German and has the great fortune to live in Umbria. There she runs a small B&B and also offers pottery classes for young and old. In good weather, you can in the garden model bowls, sculptures or fantasy shapes as the mood takes you, or you can book a course at the turntable. All info is available here.

For us it goes after this successful day back to the hotel. We look forward to the delicious dinner under the open sky and enjoy the sunset. For even more relaxation, the hotel offers massages. Buona notte Umbria!

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