Discover Porto with kids!

Porto a great city to visit with children. Why? Porto strikes a perfect balance between foot-tapping attractions to explore and green urban oases and the sea to relax. So with kids, it’s an easy game to find the twist in between. Of course, it includes quite a few Pasteis de Nata.

Our perfect family day in Porto starts with waking up in what we consider the most beautiful accommodation, the boutique Hotel Malmerendas. We jump out of our comfortable beds at the thought of the delicious breakfast in the garden. There are typical Portuguese croissants (succulent, we would describe them), breads, spreads and pastries. Easy but delightful, especially the garden where breakfast is served up. There you feel completely away from the city bustle and the children have enough space for games.

Tips to get to know Porto and its incredible charm with kids!

After that we move off into the city. The route leads us through the shopping street of Porto to the São Bento train station. Numerous azulejos (tiles) designed the vestibule. With imposing archways and stucco, the station is really worth seeing. Our next stop is on the way to the Douro and is called MUD. The store is run by a family that cares about craftsmanship, natural materials, quality and design. The products they make all by themselves are unique and brilliantly practical! There are bags, blankets and even bicycles made of wood. All made with unprecedented handwork in Porto. We could spend hours there with the kids. By the way, the entire Ribeira neighborhood is a shopping recommendation. In the oldest soap store in the city or in the chocolate paradise a few steps away, you can be sure of the most beautiful souvenirs. In addition, when discovering the quarter, you automatically run past numerous churches. Be sure to stick your nose into some of them.

Relaxed sightseeing and distance from the city hustle and bustle!

We continue down to the river. In the Malmerendas we have been recommended the 6-bridge boat tour. The children are enthusiastic and we get into one of the typical Rabelo boats. With the old boat we sail along the riverbank and the colorful houses of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia and under the impressive bridges that connect the two cities. A super way to see much of the city in a short time (50 minutes).

Now we are first hungry and decide to make a short break from the city on the beach. 15 minutes later we are sitting in the restaurant Praia da Luz. With the sea in view, the food tastes fantastic.

We are properly strengthened and the children blissful from playing so much. We see this as a chance for a port wine tasting. There are numerous wine cellars on the other side of the Douro, the Vila Nova de Gaia. The nicest way across is over the bridge Ponte Luís I. Directly to the left hand is the small wine cellar of Burmester. After a really short tour and explanation of the different types of port, it’s time to sample the wines. In the best case on the terrace with direct view of the historic bridge, which was once designed by the company of Gustave Eiffelsentwerfen. A highlight! Then we walk along the Douro until the feet are slowly tired.

Those who prefer to skip the port wine tour can instead pay a visit to the pretty cafes in Porto. The children are welcomed with open arms and Pasteis de Nata spoiled. A tip, for example, is the Fabrica Coffee Roasters Porto. Alternatively, a visit to the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal park is also an excellent idea.

We like to end the evening at the KUG – Kitchen Urban Garden. You sit in a relaxed atmosphere in the large urban garden. The Portuguese dishes are exceptionally delicious! With full belly and a grin on your face, we head back to Malmerendas. We are looking forward to the cozy bed in the roof and already now to the next day in Porto.

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