Great destinations with children in Carinthia!

In Carinthia there is an incredible number of places to visit with children. We present you a small selection. We have been to all of our favorite places personally and can therefore recommend them to you. They are destinations that inspire children and adults alike! Because family time is there to be enjoyed.

Family excursion to the Magdalensberg!

The Magdalensberg can be hiked as well as driven up by car. At the top, a gem for families awaits you. The Gipfelhaus (summit house) is beautifully situated on the top of the Magdalensberg. Here, several generations take care of the well-being of the guests. They serve delicious Carinthian cuisine. Some of the herbs and salads come from their own vegetable garden. Especially to recommend are the Carinthian Kasnudel in different variations, which are all handmade.

The terrace offers a beautiful panoramic view with special offer for children. The playground borders directly on a game reserve where you can feed deer and stags. There is also a bumper car for little car enthusiasts. If the weather is bad, children have much fun in the indoor playroom in the basement! So Magdalensberg is always a good idea to go to!

Family hike in the Tscheppaschlucht gorge for adventure seekers!

If you are looking for a hike with a thrillTscheppaschlucht is the place to go to. The huge gorge offers an incredibly beautiful natural spectacle. The hike through the gorge takes roughly about an hour with children. Most of the time the path leads along a narrow path. Therefore it is best if the children can either walk safely or enjoy the view from a carrier.  As a reward for the adventure you will find a small petting zoo at the end of the hike. It belongs to the inn “Deutscher Peter“, which invites you to take a rest. The special thing about it is that it has been family-run for centuries. Families appreciate the playground right next to the terrace. There is good traditional Carinthian cuisine and the best Carinthian farm ice cream. It’s a perfect spot to relax after the hike.

Family outing in Rosegg Zoo!

The zoo Rosegg is from spring to autumn a great destination for the whole family. Several animals may be fed by the children. There are also llamas, special types of sheep and kangaroos to discover next to well-known animals such as hares, chickens and ducks. The playground covers the interests of many age groups with an extra climbing frame for small children and a cable car for older kids. Snacks and drinks can be purchased in the kiosk right next to the playground. But the real highlight is the ascent to the mountain, where Rosegg Castle used to be. There are all kinds of things to discover and except for a few, the animals run around freely.

Small hikes with children in Klagenfurt!

Right from Klagenfurt you can start hiking. The Kreuzbergl is bigger than it seems to be. It has several well signposted routes. Once you have mastered the small hill up the Kreuzbergl, you will almost only walk on the plain afterwards, which makes it very pleasant, especially with small children. There is a large playground in combination with a Trimm-Dich-Park, large meadow and a small pond. If you are with kids at Kreuzbergl don’t miss it! If you are looking for a little inn, the Waldwirt is a nice destination. They are very child-friendly there and have lots of toys and play facilities for children, even though you can see that it exist already for a while.

On the tracks of the composer Gustav Mahler!

If you are at the lake Wörthersee, you will find in Maiernigg the composer’s house of the famous composer Gustav Mahler. Maiernigg isn’t far away from Klagenfurt. A short hike leads up into the woods. The small hike is very suitable with kids. You will pass a small ruin, where children love to climb. A small river has to be crossed and then you have nearly reached the composer’s house. When you arrive at the composer’s house you have a great view through the forest to the Lake Wörthersee. The small seats in front of the house invite you to take a rest.