Strolling through Venice, the city on water, with kids!

Don’t miss the lagoon city of Venice with kids!

Spending a day in romantic Venice with kids is not as far-fetched as many think. While there are no spacious playgrounds for a break, there are also no cars. With many waterboats and gondolas to marvel at, narrow alleys like a labyrinth and delicious gelato on every street corner, Venice is an adventure for kids after all. Whenever Venice is on our itinerary, we stop there for a few hours and let the story-rich city suck us in.

After we traveled by boat for 1.5 hours on our first visit to Venice, we opted for the easier way the second time and went by car to the island in the sea. With kids and luggage definitely the more relaxed option. The car can be parked in the garage San Marco Venezia and here even book a parking space in advance.

Slipping through narrow streets and jumping over bridges!

As a goal we set ourselves St. Mark’s Square and let us drift from the parking lot rather haphazardly through the alleys. Outside the historic old town hide small artist shops, where it is worth looking. For the children there is a lot to see! The numerous boats whizzing through the canals, the many bridges and the lions that can be spotted in all kinds in the city.

Lions are actually also the emblem of the city and so you can find them on every street corner in shapes and species. From glass to wood, there are even knitted lions. For the kids a Heid fun to discover them all. At the Markus Square then waits as a highlight of the lion with wings on the Markus column.

ime for the first ice cream at Gelateria il Doge. It tastes so fantastically good and also at a really fair price! On the square in front of the ice cream parlor, the kids can let off steam without worrying.

We continue in the direction of St. Mark’s Square. The alleys are now getting narrower and the people more. The typical Venezuelan gondolas can be seen in every channel and because the water is high, the gondoliers have to pass under the bridges in neck-breaking lateral position. It is so exciting to watch and a thrill every time. As soon as we step out of the shadows of the rows of houses onto the large St. Mark’s Square, we are captivated by the unique building splendor. With the kids, the outside view is enough for us and we briskly make our way to the Vaporetto stop San Marco.

After all, what would Venice be without taking the boat once. We take the hour ticket and go to the Rialto Bridge. Since our family consists of many bookworms, next we go to the Libreria Acqua Alta. Here vintage books are hoarded in boats and bathtubs protected from high water and in front of the store there are giant books to climb. That gets a thumbs up from the kids.

Hungry bears should on the way back best already get off at the station Ca’ Rezzonico and go on the direct way to Panini e Vini da Babbo Venice. Here you can get fine cicchetti (small sandwiches) and wine. The space around it is quite relaxed and just right for a nice finish. If you’d rather have a fresh-from-the-oven pizza on hand, you can pick up all kinds of variations at the Bakery Majer.

On the way back to the car, the children’s legs are getting tired. We make the last meters as comfortable as possible and try to find the funniest carnival mask that Venice has to offer. The kids have a blast as we find a funny mask with a green nose. Delightfully different and yet so special is a family day out in Venice. Here we’ve tagged all your favorite places in the city in Google Maps. You can simply download the map and poof, you have your own little guide to Venice.

Good to know – what we learned from previous visits: Short and crisp is the name of the game in Venice with kids. With toddlers who may already be able to walk, extra caution is advised. Because many of the canals have no railing for protection. With stroller to be on the road is the same feeling as 200 years ago to run over the Bridge of Sighs (namely directly into prison). So for small kids better take a stretcher. And in case of need, a gelato always helps.

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