A day in Münster with the whole family!

If you take a trip to Münster, it is best to go on a Wednesday morning or Saturday. Than you will find the weekly market in front of the cathedral.

We like to start our favorite day with a coffee in the Röstbar. A good parking place is the garage at the theater. From there, the coffee house in Martinistraße is located nearby. The Röstbar still has numerous other coffee houses. The coffee house on Martinistraße has many tables outside where you can park your strolle.

Or you grab a coffee to go and head towards Promenade to the aircraft playground at Coerdeplatz. This is a kid’s playground, where small and big children have a lot of fun!

Around noon, you should head to Prinzipalmarkt and you get to the big local market. For me it is one of the most beautiful weekly markets! I love the smell of fresh fruit and local vegetables. And of course all the flowers look great. And of course, Muenster is close to Holland you will also get great Lakritz from the Netherlands. In addition, there are many small wagons with delicious local dishes for lunch. Pancakes, tarte flambée, pea stew and fish rolls are just some of the delicacies. There is something for everyone here. Just do not be late, because after lunch time they close.

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If you like to have another coffee check out cafe Fyal. Take the small alley to the left of the post office. At Fyal it is nice to sit outside, because it is located in a car free zone and so the kids have the opportunity to play a little. Or you can go down the Königsstraße to the child-friendly Café Herr Sonnenschein. Here, in addition to a high chair even stroller parking spaces are available. If you want to shop a bit more than check out  the Ludgeristraße. Also nearby there is a great playground on Windhorststraße. The special feature of the children’s playground are the colorful hanging chairs, which replace the swings here.

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Another great kids store is MuKK, at the Alter Fischmarkt. No matter which toy you are looking for, at MuKK you will find it. Finally, you can end your family day in Muenster with  best a delicious ice cream at Raphael.

We love a day in Muenster with kids!

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