Excursions in Bad Gastein with kids that you should not miss!

You are planning a vacation in Bad Gastein with kids? Preferably at our favorite hotel, Haus Hirt? Great, Then you will find a great selection of varied excursions in Bad Gastein with kids and fun activities for families. Discover rewarding hikes to beautiful alpine pastures, gorgeous lakes and playgrounds for all ages.

The small town of Bad Gastein is picturesquely situated in the mountain valley, surrounded by countless three-thousand-meter peaks. You can reach the valley only through a tunnel. Three villages comprise the valley, Dorfgastein, Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein. They are all different and yet have one thing in common: the incredible view of the mountains. In the past, Bad Gastein was known as a famous health resort. Still, the imposing houses from the Belle Epoche remind us of the bygone era. Many of these buildings stood empty for years and are now being filled with new urban life. This makes Bad Gastein a magical place.

Whoever takes a family vacation in Bad Gastein can be sure that adventure and relaxation will not be neglected.

Family excursion on the adventure mountain Fulseck to Spiegelsee.

From the valley station in Dorfgastein, the gondola takes you up to the summit. Already the ascent is exciting, the Spiegelsee attracts all eyes with its intense blue color. Once you reach the top, you can take a small trail or a long gravel path to the first playground in the middle of nature. A large slide, climbing facilities and a rest area make you want to take a short break. After a few steps, you also reach the mirror lake with a barefoot path. You even walk a few meters through the cold mountain lake. The lake is a blast and we recommend staying here for at least one long picnic and enjoying the fabulous view of the mountains. As you walk around the small lake, the next game attraction comes into view. A giant memory, slack lines and climbing courses challenge the kids’ motor skills. Finally, it’s either down the mountain to the middle station, past the mountain’s various power spots. The shorter but more challenging route is back up to the top station.

Excursion in Bad Gastein with kids to feed squirrels on the Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade.

Is a forest full of trusting squirrels just waiting to snatch hazelnuts right out of your hand? Yes, that exists in Bad Gastein. The way there runs directly past Haus Hirt and along the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Promenade in the direction of Café Gamskar. After about 5 minutes the forest already comes into view. Now you can take the hazelnuts out of your pocket and wait at the edge of the path until the first squirrels come scurrying up. Very carefully and courageously the squirrels feel their way to the nuts in the palms of their hands. Now it is time to stay calm and observe. As soon as the squirrel has the nut in its safe paws, they quickly hop away. A highlight for the kids. Afterward, you can continue along the high trail and stop at Café Gamskar. There you will find the best cream slices far and wide.

Family hike via the Bear Trail to the Amoseralm in Dorfgastein.

The short but intense family hike up to the Amoseralm offers for kids and adults. You can park the car at the Unterberg hiking parking lot in Dorfgastein. There the Bärenweg is already signposted. However, the first part of the hike is still to be bridged without play stations. The large bear, which marks the entrance to the Bear Trail, can be seen from afar. Now numerous play stations are waiting for the kids. Passing watercourses and benches for resting, you finally reach the Amoseralm. The alp is not only very pretty, but also provides all hardworking hikers with delicious homemade food. For the kids, there is a playground and many animals to visit. The way back is either via the bear trail or along the circular route to the parking lot. By the way, lucky people can make their way to the Amoseralm on Thursday. Then the art of baking bread is explained and the kids can join in.

Walk to the waterfall in Bad Gastein with a small mama escape.

Bad Gastein has not only one waterfall but several. The most famous, however, is the one in the center of town. Via the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Promenade you can reach the town’s landmark after a good 20 minutes from Haus Hirt. The sound of the water can be heard as soon as you enter the village. The 340-meter drop is an impressive natural spectacle and is said to be particularly beneficial to health due to the atomization of negatively ionized air. So stretch your face a little longer in the direction of the waterfall. Directly opposite is the beautiful concept store WALLY Bad Gastein. Fashion with style from all over Europe is at home there and a visit is simply a must for all moms. Meanwhile, the rest of the family can make their way back or to Café Kraftwerk for coffee and cake with a view directly of the waterfall. The matching soundscape is also included.

Excursion to Tiny Tibet of Bad Gastein

Sportgastein – also called Tiny Tibet, is located in the Hohe Tauern Nature Park and is a popular destination in Bad Gastein with kids. Surrounded by gigantic mountains you can hike in the high plateau and relax between meadows, forest and water. There is the right route for every ability and even with strollers the paths are doable. It goes along small streams, where the kids love to play. With a little luck, you will meet wild horses and sheep. Each tour leads to an alpine pasture, which we like very much. The first alpine pasture is reached after a leisurely 20-minute walk. We especially like to stop at the Nassfelder Hütte with its playground and petting zoo. Sportgastein is a super destination in Bad Gastein, especially for families with small kids, because such a gigantic mountain panorama is usually not accessible to children. You can easily spend the whole day here.

Pure nature experience on the Zirbenzauber for families at Graukogel

Swiss stone pines not only smell incredibly fine but their valuable wood is also said to lower the heart rate. On the Graukogel there is an ancient stock of Swiss stone pines. Some of the trees are almost 400 years old. In honor of the Swiss stone pine, a themed trail has been created with many attractions to explore with all your senses. For the round through the fragrant forest you should calculate a good hour with kids. The path is very flat. In between, you can look out for the pine swing, a pine bed, a floating swing and other attractions. This, of course, provides great joy, especially for the kids. Even parents are reluctant to say no at the sight of the comfortable swings with a view. After the round trip, you can stop off at the Graukogelhütte and enjoy some traditional Austrian cuisine. Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to get to know the Zirbenzauber. However, we have received numerous recommendations for the theme trail and it is therefore at the top of our to-explore list.

Playfully learn everything about nature at the adventure playground in Dorfgastein

In the middle of beautiful Dorfgastein awaits the area Nature Experience Dorfgastein. Play stations provide a playful insight into the history and nature of Dorfgastein. For example, there is the stone path, which introduces rocks, plants and mushrooms from the Salzburg region, or the biotope, where kids learn all about the valuable benefits of the wetland biotope. The modern Kneipp health facility with a medicinal herb garden is just as popular with adults as it is with the younger members of the family. Another highlight along the way is the large adventure playground. Equipped with nature-oriented playground equipment, a waterfall, a recreated mine and a large tree house, the playground does its part to tell the story of Gastein and nature even more vividly.

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First hiking, then doughnut baking on the Astenalm pastures

The Upper and Lower Astenalm are two very cozy alpine huts in Bad Gastein, which you must have seen with kids. After a leisurely walk from the Hotel Evianquelle, you will reach the two alpine pastures after about 25 minutes, which are only a few meters apart. For refreshments, we recommend the Obere Astenalm. The doughnut show kitchen is simply a sensation. In the best case, the kids are even allowed to join in and bake their doughnuts. With a blob of fresh jam, it tastes simply heavenly and delicious. There is also a playground and animals to meet. The Astenalmen is the perfect excursions in Bad Gastein with kids during the summer months.

Accommodation tip in Bad Gastein with kids – the house Hirt

Haus Hirt is unique in many ways. In the family-run boutique hotel on the Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade in Bad Gastein, young and old feel right at home. This is first of all due to the charming house itself, which radiates so much warmth and goodwill for families. Then there are the cozy rooms and the fine food. A hearty breakfast sweetens every morning. At lunchtime, a light lunch is prepared, and in the evening a 4-course menu beckons. In combination with the unique view of the Gastein Valley, it is hard to beat. For the kids, there is plenty on offer in the Kids Club, but with taste. Campfire, feeding squirrels, reading evening, or handicrafts from natural materials are on the program, which the kids love. So parents can enjoy a dinner for two, while the kids are happy to be with the other kids. Throughout the day, joint excursions are offered before it goes to relax for the whole family in the wellness area. The Haus-Hirt flair must be experienced and one hundred percent fall in love from the first second.