Pure joy in the Baby Bee play space in Düsseldorf Pempelfort!

The Baby Bee play space in Düsseldorf inspires small children as much as their parents. Diverse play options are lovely arranged by the owners of the Baby Bee, Jenna and Eduardo, based on their own experiences as parents. There is a play kitchen, a large doll’s house, a walk-in playhouse, to name but a few. In the centre of the playroom there is a climbing and playing frame with a slide.

Sustainability is as important to the Jenna and Eduardo as the integration of Montessori and Waldorf principles. Therefore you find many wooden toys. As parents it is great fun to accompany your child in this creative and inspiring environment. Drinking coffee is a minor matter at the play space.

All children up to the age of five are welcome. Thus the younger ones can learn from the older children. Also for the patens it is made easy to get in touch with other parents. The international community with its roots in the Baby Bee play space is growing constantly.

Should the little ones ever have toys in their mouths, that is not an issue, because everything is regularly disinfected. Hygiene is of high importance at Baby Bee play space!

“The Baby Bee play space is a place full of joy and security. It’s all about connection – to yourself, to others and to your companion,” says Jenna. What a beautiful motto!

Nord Carree 6
40477 Düsseldorf

Mon – Sat: 09:00 – 17:30 h
Sun: 09:00 – 14:30/18:00 h

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