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We share with you our favorite places for young families

Make your trips with children an unforgettable experience. We’ll show you unique and lovely destinations for your family vacation or a little adventure in your area. We keep on discovering new fascinating places with our children. And we like to share this with you.


Geocaching mit Kindern bei Hamburg im Ruheforst Pinneberg

GEOCACHING WITH CHILDREN CLOSE TOOut of the city, into nature. Geocaching with children in the north of Hamburg near Kummersfeld in the Pinneberg district has a lot to discover! In the middle of the forest, guided by coordinators, young and old alike will find one hiding place after another. The App Geocaching leads you via satellite to the individual hiding places. Everybody has his turn and coordinates the search team. If you follow the geocaches for children, you will not only discover nature with all your senses, but also encounter amazing surprises in the middle of the forest! The jungle phone is just waiting to be discovered. There are also a few things hidden here and there by the predecessor, so you are well advised to take a few little things with you that you can leave behind in exchange. The next sniffer will certainly be happy about that. In addition to the little things for the hiding places, a pair of mud pants for the children and a backpack with provisions are good equipment. Because of the many child-friendly geocaches you can easily hike up to six hours through the forest. It goes cross-country through the beautiful forest area over fallen trees and through the branches. Finally, a highlight with an adventure picnic in the self-built tipi is the end of the family excursion. We have been recommended this unusual favorite place by dear Romy, children’s yoga teacher and course instructor for Ayurvedic baby massage. Together with Jessica she made her dream come true and founded Manomaya – a room for yoga, meditation and mindfulness in Halstenbek near Hamburg. Here she offers yoga courses for children and teenagers as well as specials like reading nights for children, which give parents time for togetherness. All further information can be found on her website. Translated with (free version) HAMBURG

Tracking down a jungle phone during geocaching in a forest near Hamburg! Out of the city, into nature. Geocaching with children in the north of Hamburg near Kummersfeld in the…


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