Where to go on Lake Como with children? We reveal the most beautiful destinations for families!

Lake Como is a true paradise for a relaxing family vacation. The beautiful accommodation with lake view in the quiet village next to Menaggio we have already presented to you. The house is beautifully located between the lake and the castle and offers everything from a garden and swimming pool to a dream kitchen, which makes a vacation with kids perfect. Now we have received from the owner family of the vacation home even more exclusive excursion tips with kids and destinations for rainy weather for your time on Lake Como. Of course we share them with you. First comes directly the most important, the Trombetta Express. Parking is not always easy at the lake, so the train “Trombetta Express” connects many of the important sights and so the car can stay comfortably at the vacation home. We have summarized all the places in a Google Maps map, which you can easily embed in your smartphone and thus always have with you.

Destinations for your family vacation on Lake Como with children.

Excursion to the monastery “Abbey Piona”
A visit to the Abbey Piona is a great experience. The place impresses with its silence. The abbey church is an excellent relic of the Gothic period in Lombardy. In the monastery store visitors can buy good wine, liqueurs, honey and other products. The paths around the abbey are picturesque in nature and the view of Lake Como spectacular.

Trip to Nesso.
The small, manageable village Nesso has just 1500 inhabitants and is nevertheless a visitor magnet. Especially the Waterfall Orrido di Nesso is admired: 200 meters height difference overcomes the water. The best view of it is from the ancient bridge Civera, which is located on the shore of the lake and tempts daredevils to jump from there into the lake. Also worth a visit is the church of San Martino in the hamlet of Careno.

Legnoncino peak hike
Mountain Legnoncino, seen from the terrace of the Villa al Castello vacation domicile, is a fantastic spot on Lake Como, easily accessible to all with a simple hike. To get to the start of the hike by car requires some stamina and good nerves. From the village of Tremenico you continue to the hamlet of Roccoli Lorla. From here a beautiful mule track leads to the summit. Experienced hikers could also climb to the top of Mount Legnone, the highest elevation around the lake.

Hiking the Ossuccio Way of the Cross.
Regardless of spiritual persuasion, the trail to the Santuario Madonna Del Soccorso is fantastic and uncrowded. The 14 chapels on the way to the church (part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site) impress with life-size depictions of moments in the life of Christ. It’s the surroundings, the views, the history and the tranquility that inspire. It’s a steep but easy walk. You can also walk further in the direction of Preda. There is the Romanesque abbey of San Benedetto.

Argegno-Pigra-Colonno Hike.
Argegno is a beautiful little town at the mouth of the Telo stream. From here, the cable car goes about 600 meters to Pigra every 30 minutes. From there, a wonderful descent can be made – even with children – in about 2.5 hours to Colonno. From there you can return to Argegno by bus.

Lake Como Culinary Tips

Latteria Alto Lario
If you love cheese you MUST have been here. A wonderful store with local cheese on the main street in Dongo. Besides cheese, there are other delicacies from the region to buy as souvenirs or to eat immediately.

Restaurant La Bahia in Cremia .
Here has allegedly already George Clooney eaten but the prices are reasonable and the place is especially recommended because there is directly at the port not only this delicious restaurant, but next to it a fenced playground.

Ice cream at La Fabbrica del Gelato.
For the finest ice cream by the lake, head to La Fabbrica del Gelato. With so many flavors to make your mouth water, it’s hard to choose. Who knows, maybe a visit to the ice cream parlor will become a daily ritual.

Lake Como excursion destination in winter and rainy weather with children

Skiing is part of the program at Lake Como in winter. For this with kids recommends the Madesimo ski resort. It is located about 1 hour from the lake and has record-breaking peaks with up to 2900 meters.

If it does rain on beautiful Lake Como, the Karting track Lario Motorspart in Colico is made to make the day an experience for young and old despite bad weather.

We wish you a wonderful family time at Lake Como! And if you haven’t already, here’s the link again to the handy Google Maps map with all your favorite places for on the go.

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