Sustainable kids fashion for babys and kids at Isargold in Munich!

The kids fashion store Isargold follows a great concept! You can individually create the clothes for your kids and they will be produced sustainably in Germany and Europe.

To create the clothes in your individual preference you can choose between different colors and fabrics like cotton, linen over jeans and sweat. Many samples are available on site in the kids fashion store. Or you choose online and will receive the ordered clothes in about two weeks. Of course you can also opt for one of the already sewn parts.

For producing the kids fashion the two founders cooperate with various social projects. For example they get support in sewing the clothes by socially disadvantaged women. With this cooperation they help them a lot.

Isargold puts a focus on comfort for the little ones. So they have numerous bloomers or wrap-around jackets. But you also find beautiful dresses, skirts, shirts and shorts, which are in no way inferior in comfort. In terms of color, the clothing is predominantly in modern colors, beige, blue and rose. The fabrics vary from cotton, linen over jeans and sweat.

Isargold is a perfect example for a successful combination of good style and sustainability!

Häberlstraße 15a
80337 Munich

Tue – Fri: 10:00 – 15:00 h

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