Mexico ends up in every families heart

Why you should travel to Mexico with children!

Mexico plays a big role in our lives, because half of our family lives in this beautiful part of the earth. That’s why to take our kids on a huge journey countless times. To show them the country, where their roots lie. For our children there is nothing more exciting than enjoying themselves in this completely different world. Therefore, we would like to tell you of the many favorite spots and the most delicious dishes that we got to know in Mexico with children and hope to make you want to go on the next vacation. Because Mexico is a real favorite place for families.

Mexico is immediately connecting to your heart! It is colorful, warm, varied and beautiful. Families with children are welcomed with open arms. The kindness and hospitality from the heart that is given to children and families makes exploring a new culture, beautiful scenery and even visits to the restaurant literally a pice of cake.

Mexico is ideal for families who want to discover a fascinating country in addition to a relaxed holidays at the beach. Out of everyday life and into the explorer mode works so very well.

The kids enjoy every second they spend on Mexican soil. Fresh fruits as far as the eye can see, a nice smile from everyone and the daily dose of sunshine on the face contribute to this.

Visit world famous places! Mexico hides true treasures.

You have to experience Mexico City. During two days you can visit much of the city and also get a feeling for the lively vibe of the city. The museum of Frida Kahlo, which is located in her birthplace, is one of the highlights. With children, the city sightseeing can be well designed.

In Oaxaca, a city in the south of the country, the traditions are still deeply rooted. The Monte Albán is 10 km away and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico. Not far from the city there are many Mezcal distilleries. There you can have a tour to learn about the production process. The mezcal has its origin in Oaxaca and is still made there by hand. It’s worth a visit!

Known as the city of artists is San Miguel de Allende. The city is one of the magical places in Mexico. On every street corner you will find new exciting crafts and small restaurants and cafés with delicious food waiting for you.

No matter if Caribbean or Pacific coast, the beaches of Mexico have charm!

The cenotes (subterranean lakes) are an absolute must in Tulum, along with fabulous Caribbean beaches and historic Mayan ruins. They are like giant adventure playgrounds for everyone. You can also visit some cenotes with children. The area around Tulum is perfect for a relaxed family holiday. Beautiful hotel facilities such as the Beach resort Akumal Bay offers families pure relaxation.

The Pacific Coast is a place made for adventurers. There, the sea is a bit rougher, but the landscape is exciting. Many exotic plants and animals call this area their homes. The fresh fish you can have at the pacific cost just tastes wonderful!

Taste the delicious cuisine of Mexico.

The cuisine of Mexico is colorful and appeals to all the senses, even the children love it!

Tacos are stuffed tortillas and you find them always and everywhere. They come in different variations (with cheese, fish or meat). A good sauce that you put on top is almost the most important ingredient! Since the tacos are eaten with your hands, this is also ideal for children. Our kids love to make their own tacos with avocado and cheese.

Different Sauces are on every table before the food is served. This is because the sauce “Salsa” plays a big role in every meal. Usually he waiters in the restaurant explain which sauce is especially spicy and which is not. Children avoid the spicy sauces automatically.

Cactus leaves are  popular in Mexico and a specialty. Grilled, gratinated or as a delicious salad they find place in many dishes. Children love the leaves because of the delicate consistency. In addition, they are very healthy!

Mole (a chilli-chocolate sauce) is a national dish and is served on top of traditional dishes such as enchiladas (rolled tortillas stuffed with chicken). Delicious!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year long. Sweet dripping mangoes, creamy avocados and kilograms of papaya are a dream for children. It’s unbelievable how much better ripe ripe fruit and vegetables can taste. In Mexico, the whole family becomes a fruit lover!

Mezcal and Tequilla are the national drinks you can not miss in Mexico. Tequilla and Mezcal are never drunk as a shot, but enjoyed for a meal.

Is traveling to Mexico with children dangerous?

“Be careful” is a phrase that often confronts families traveling to Mexico with children. And there is a reason for that, because the reports from Mexico of kidnappings, corruption and other horrible things seem to have no end.

Throw the prejudices overboard and rely on your sense of the country and its people. Pay attention to the people and their body language. This does not mean being reckless, but simply conforming to Mexican rules. Expensive jewelry can simply be left at home and the purse is best stowed in the zipped pocket. The children are always close to us and we won’t let our eyes of them when visiting tourist attractions or in large crowds.

The optimal travel time to Mexico with children!

Good weather and sunshine await you all year round in Mexico. For us, a trip to Mexico is especially attractive in winter, as we interrupt the German winter and replenish our vitamin D supply.

If you have the chance to spend a national holiday in Mexico, you should definitely take this opportunity. It is incredibly exciting for the whole family to experience these colorful and happy festivals. The children are part of all celebrations, even if it goes into the night.

Lets go and start your next overseas adventure with the whole family!

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