Top destination for families is the wildlife Rainguthof close to Meran with a petting zoo with gigantic panorama!

Just 20 minutes outside of Merano you will find the village Gfrill. You take a long serpentine road up and then you get reworded with a big petting zoo in a stunning environment.  A small empire, lovely designed with all sorts of animals. Little goats run around freely everywhere and let themselves be patiently stroked and fed by the children. Several enclosures are distributed over the area. It is home to horses, donkeys, pigs and some other animals. The panorama is gigantic, because you are so high up.

Beside the animals they also have a great playground. On the large lawn various wooden elements invite to explore and play. In addition, you can rest well on the large lawn or have a picnic.

You can get a coffee at the little house right at the entrance. This is one of the many nice things about Italy that coffee tastes good even in the most outlandish places! And the children are delighted if you bring them a bag of food to feed the goats.

Admission is not required, but instead asked for a small donation.

52 Passo Palade Tesimo
39010 Tisens, Bozen

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