Valuable travel tips for families on Lake Garda!

We love Lake Garda, especially since we have children, we regularly visit the beautiful lake in the north of Italy. The reasons for this are quickly listed. First, the lake can be reached from Munich in a few hours by car. If you start early in the morning, you can already look forward to a wonderful breakfast a la Dolce Vita at the lake. Kids will have fun playing on the shore and splashing around in the water, boating and eating pizza until they drop. Besides, the region around the lake is a dream. Mountain scenery everywhere you look, wineries at their best and numerous excursion destinations that are made for families.

Here we reveal a few insider tips for your family vacation on Lake Garda with children.

Great swimming spot on Lake Garda with children

Rivoltella is a great spot to go swimming on Lake Garda and let the kids play at the lake access with the pebbles and a little sand. The small town is located in the very south of Lake Garda between Desenzano del Garda and Sirmione. In the middle of the small Italian town there is a fairly large parking lot. From here it is only a few meters down to the lake. There is a small café with the gorgeous mountain panorama in the background! You can find out more here!

Excursion destination Park Vittoriale degli Italiani in the southeast of Lake Garda

Not far from Salò, in Gardone Riviera, lies the extraordinary park Vittoriale degli Italiani. The park is special not only for its location, but also for its sights. The park is located on a slope and thus has quite a lot of slope. To see there are various sculptures and plants, a small arena and as a highlight for the Kids a big ship. The old ship is built into the mountain in such a way that it almost looks as if you are about to set sail. Here’s your favorite place with all the other info!

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Excursion to the waterfalls in Molina on Lake Garda with children

Just a few kilometers from Lake Garda and our favorite spot, the Mill di Veraghi, there is a great hike along waterfalls for families in the medieval village of Molina. There’s plenty to discover along the way, because in the village, which is secluded from any hustle and bustle, nature sprouts as far as the eye can see. The path through the park leads past many waterfalls and stone age caves. Thanks to the shady trees, the path is also a super excursion tip for hot days. Here’s all the info on the waterfall park.

Bad weather program on Lake Garda with children

If it unexpectedly rains or storms on Lake Garda, the Therme Aquardens is an absolute hit for the whole family. The spa is beautifully landscaped. With several thermal pools, a gigantic outdoor area and a special area reserved for children, the whole family can enjoy. No matter how modest the weather. Go to the website!

Our extra tip for wine lovers

When visiting Lake Garda with children, a trip to a winery is one of them for us! The region is too beautiful and the wines too good to miss the discovery of good drops. How and where can you easily combine this with children? We have come across what is probably the smallest but finest winery near Sirmione. EL CITERA is a real insider tip. Ambra, the winemaker, has taken over the winery from her family. The story of how wine is produced here goes back several generations and combines passion, love of nature and experienced manual labor. The kids are overjoyed because there are numerous animals on the farm that even roam free. Read all about the favorite winery here.

Our new travel companions – the kids headphones from POGS


With us on our trip we had the headphones for children from POGS. They are produced with the best conscience towards our planet and on top they are cordless and very easy to use, perfectly suitable for car trips with the little rascals. Read more about the latest discovery and heartfelt recommendation for a travel companion that is really worthwhile in this blog post!

Have a wonderful family time on Lake Garda! If you are still looking for accommodation with heart, let yourself be inspired by the Mill dei Veraghi or the Hotel on the Vine Il Colombarino.

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