Rovinj überzeugt mit der Mischung aus Hafen, Stadt und Strand!

Not too often do we fall in love with a town as quickly as in Rovinj. You can stroll along the waterfront always with a different view of the harbor, the old town or alternatively the open sea. Here and there a small island lies off the coast. The town has preserved much of its originality. And yet there are numerous cafes and restaurants that invite you for a cappuccino, an aperitif or a meal. Almost adjacent to the old town is a huge natural park Golden Cape, where there are numerous bays. Everything can be reached on foot, even with kids. We loved it on this vacation that the car was completely stationary this time.

The idea for the family vacation in Croatia was quite spontaneous and since Corona had not yet opened all hotels, we decided on an Airbnb apartment. In the morning, our first walk led us to the bakery. There were enough of them with a great offers. Breakfast we have then directly on the water for us parents with a cappuccino. The kids loved it and so did we. On many a day, we were attracted by the charm of the historic old town and strolled through the streets. Many alleys are so narrow that conventional cars can’t even begin to fit through. Hidden in the streets is still one or the other restaurant, which looks very inviting and we have partly marked for the evening. Hardly had our kids discovered the playground, which was also the goal of our morning walk.

Depending on our mood and the position of the sun, we were drawn to the beach sooner or later. The walk of about 2 km to the Golden Cape Nature Park alone has always been so much fun. Either it was the boats, the waves or the anticipation of the sea that made the walk very entertaining. However, depending on the age of the kids, it is recommended to have a stroller, scooter or bicycle with you. The wide bay at the beginning is varied and has many possibilities to settle down. A highlight is to explore the nature park by bike. It’s bigger than you might think at first glance, and in addition to playgrounds and small places to stop for refreshments, there’s a fascinating panorama along much of the route.

Happy, refreshed and relaxed, we made our way back to the little town towards evening. The fish restaurant Maestral, which is located more or less exactly between the old town and the nature park, is a dream spot for dinner. Not only are there delicious, partly local fish specialties from the grill, but also a dream setting at sunset. Very fine for dinner is also in the old town the La Puntulina. Only with kids, it is not the first address we can recommend. However, the kids have to be in the mood or preferably already asleep. In Rovinj, we were certainly not the last time on a family vacation in Croatia!

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