Great climbing fun on Schillerplatz playground in Dusseldorf Zoo

The playground at Schillerplatz offers everything that makes a playground visit to a successful trip. Embedded in the middle of the green is a great climbing frame for the older children. For the younger ones there is a separate area with modern playhouse, double rocker, wide slide and teetering animals. On hot days, the water playground attracts with its many pools of different heights. With three swings there is the right one for every age.

Very comfortable: At Schillerplatz there is a kiosk where you can get small snacks or ice cream.

The Rethelstraße with many small nice shops is not far from here. If the weather is bad, the children’s café Kipken is a good choice to go and also very close to Schillerplatz.

Achenbachstraße 82
40237 Dusseldorf

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