Stylish and child-friendly restaurant in Bolzano!

Already from the outside, the Italia & Amore looks very appealing. Tables and chairs in bright red stand on the terrace and are stylishly set. However, if you like to sit outside, the secret tip is the fourth floor on the roof terrace.

For children, a high chair is brought directly to the menu, and the menu contains dishes that are universally popular with children, such as pasta. How could it be different in Italy! But especially there are great combinations with fish and meat. The products are of the highest quality. Some of them are very creatively prepared and other dishes are as simple as fresh fish with grilled vegetables, but they are neither drowned in oil nor too long on the grill. The kitchen knows how to optimally use the essence of the products. It tastes fantastic!

If the weather is not good, you can also sit in style on one of the three floors. Relaxed typical Italian music is played everywhere, which completes the great atmosphere.

The Italia & Amore is located in the pretty Silbergasse. It runs parallel to the main shopping street. Incidentally, you will also find here our other favorite place Humus.

A great playground, in front of the fantastic mountain scenery can be found at the Talfer Wiesen.

Currently, further locations in Frankfurt and Zurich are being planned. So maybe you can soon enjoy the finest Italian cuisine.

Via Argentieri 3
39100 Bolzano

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